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  1. Hi, whatever choice is made, it is very good initiative. from my 3 points of view: for learning: the best gpio python2 AND 3 lib is imho, it is *clean*, pythonic and very portable. and for lowmem boards do not underestimate micropython (python3 like) unix port which can use any C gpio lib easily with libffi. for hacking: wiring* code is not so clean . But maybe give a chance to wiringX rewrite for time critical: really *none* of the above .
  2. Hi, @twixx sunxi roadmap says no support for H3 until mainline 4.12, and best you can have with nightlies is 4.11, actually only g_mass_storage / g_serial / g_ether are working ( i would avoid g_serial it is quite easy to lock ) on legacy and the rest won't ever be fixed if i refer to .
  3. @B.K.O. you may have a problem with that sole adapter pair because FEL use micro usb otg port *only* so you need to add some more cable ... FEL+AOE is far more efficient on lan compared to FEL+NFS/ANY, it would be nice to have ata over ethernet module provided. does PXE stack support sanboot or iPXE chainload ?
  4. following the wiki link offered in this thread, guessing that probably any GRUB/GRUB2/GRUB4DOS section would not apply to U-Boot , boldly ignoring the pam related red warning without a password less login on uart i edited /boot/boot.cmd setenv bootargs "root=${rootdev} rootwait rootfstype=${rootfstype} ${consoleargs} ........................ by setenv bootargs "init=/lib/sysvinit/init root=${rootdev} rootwait rootfstype=${rootfstype} ${consoleargs} .................. did: mkimage -C none -A arm -T script -d /boot/boot.cmd /boot/boot.scr i hope armbian-config will offer a way to do that more easily. giving the choice is important for aging guy who can't remember systemctl stuff.