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  1. Hi! I have sopine A64 board and I want to connect LCD via LVDS. Does anyone have experience with it? Thank you!
  2. Hi!I am trying to connect B101UAN01.7 display(1920 x 1200) without any success.Is pine64's driver supports other display than native 7"? If so, then could you please help me to understand where can be error?Here is cutout from my device tree for 10.1" display lcd0@01c0c000 { compatible = "allwinner,sunxi-lcd0"; pinctrl-names = "active", "sleep"; status = "okay"; device_type = "lcd0"; lcd_used = <0x0>; lcd_driver_name = "mb709_mipi"; lcd_backlight = <0x32>; lcd_if = <0x4>; lcd_x = <0x780>; lcd_y = <0x4B0>; lcd_width = <0x0>; lcd_height = <0x0>; lcd_dclk_freq = <0x94>; lcd_pwm_used = <0x1>; lcd_pwm_ch = <0x10>; lcd_pwm_freq = <0xc350>; lcd_pwm_pol = <0x1>; lcd_pwm_max_limit = <0xfa>; lcd_hbp = <0x78>; lcd_ht = <0x7F8>; lcd_hspw = <0x1>; lcd_vbp = <0xC>; lcd_vt = <0x4BC>; lcd_vspw = <0x1>; lcd_dsi_if = <0x2>; lcd_dsi_lane = <0x4>; lcd_dsi_format = <0x0>; lcd_dsi_eotp = <0x0>; lcd_dsi_vc = <0x0>; lcd_dsi_te = <0x0>; lcd_frm = <0x0>; lcd_gamma_en = <0x0>; lcd_bright_curve_en = <0x0>; lcd_cmap_en = <0x0>; lcd_bl_en = <0x30 0x7 0xa 0x1 0x0 0xffffffff 0x1>; lcd_bl_en_power = "none"; lcd_power = "vcc-mipi"; lcd_fix_power = "vcc-dsi-33"; lcd_gpio_0 = <0x30 0x3 0x18 0x1 0x0 0xffffffff 0x1>; };
  3. Can't find schematic/pinout for Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 only image on orange site, could you please share link for it. Thank you!
  4. Hi! Does anyone have schematic/pinout for Orange Pi Zero Plus 2? Thank you!
  5. HI! Does anyone have experience with WiFI on Orange Pi Zero Plus 2? I tried to use image Armbian Legacy 3.4.113 for NanoPi NEO Air, (hardware is same H3, wifi AP6212) without success. No any wlanX interface. Thank you for your help!