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  1. Orange Pi One looks pretty good, but won't the 10/100 Ethernet be a big bottleneck? Would it be better to go for something with Gigabit Ethernet? And other than Ethernet is the biggest factor the processing speed for a VPN? Is RAM less important compared to CPU?
  2. Thank you Igor! I had a rough idea but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything critical. I was researching and figured Softether was the best option for me so now with your recommendation I will definitely go for that. Would you be able to recommend any H3 boards for this kind of task?
  3. I'm looking to potentially set up a dedicated VPN server probably using an Olimex Olinuxino A20 Lime 2. The main thing I was somewhat confused about is how to connect to my router and how to ensure that traffic is routed through the VPN server? Presumably to connect to my router I would just use an Ethernet cable. But how then would I ensure that all traffic goes through the VPN? The vast majority of SBC that I have seen only have 1 Ethernet port so connecting devices physically is a no go. I assume I might need to use some form of port forwarding?