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    Johann Pascher reacted to RagnerBG in HDMI Color to much saturation   
    I noticed this long ago, but it's not that obvious i think. You can always change saturation level in mpv - --saturation=<-100-100>. Last time i checked it's worked, but it was on A20 (different sunxi-vdpau version). I remember there where some work about these default values, because video was too dark for A20 version of sunxi-vdpau and tweaking saturation actually make it bright, before brightness levels was fixed.
    About video, you can try something else, not just Big Buck Bunny. For some reason this test video is not smooth in some builds (not using h/w acceleration), while working fine in others. You can check terminal messages about what decoder is used. If it's sunxi-vdpau, it have to be fine.
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    Johann Pascher reacted to Igor in Documentation, there seems to be very little information?   
    Main source repo for build tools:
    Bug tracker:
    Documentation - not perfect, but they exists:
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    Johann Pascher got a reaction from JoeyBeelinkX2 in orange pi zero tightvncserver   
    It is also possible to use VNC Client on the PC and server on orange pipc+ to get the Screen of kodi to the PC. http://www.tightvnc.com/download/2.8.3/tvnjviewer-2.8.3-bin-gnugpl.zip
    extract the file tightvnc-viewer.jar and put it on the desktop or elsewhere to klick on it for starting.
    TightVNC is just a single java executable, needs java to be installed on the PC.
    On orange pi:
    sudo apt-get -y install x11vnc vnc4server xinetd vnc-java xfonts-base
    sudo x11vnc -storepasswd yourpassword /etc/x11vnc.pass
    This two lines are for starting.  You can but this also to etc/rc.local so VNC starts every time the Linux is rebooted.  
    vncserver # first time use a password has to be setup as well, just follow the Questions presented after invoking
    x11vnc -display :0 & 
    My be this works fort you too.
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    Johann Pascher reacted to RagnerBG in Kodi on Armbian   
    Well, fortunately for me, i kind of understand Russian :), there is a lot useful info in this language anyway. I tried this guys previous project of Kodi 17 and it worked very well, but without h/w video acceleration. For Kodi only, the most useful for now is @jernej OpenElec. I tried IR there and it worked fine. Everything needed for IR is already in the image and is well explained - [FAQ] Openelec OPi for beginners. But if you need the whole Linux OS plus useful Kodi, there is no easy solution for now. Maybe this Kodi 18 with external player, or maybe this - OrangePi: Installing OpenELEC chroot into Armbian. This is what i am going to test these days if i find free time.
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    Johann Pascher got a reaction from kris777 in Configuring Orange PI PC to receive IR/InfraRed   
    @LinuxUser I also have the same orangepipc+ and had the same problem.
    pleas red my thread about it. 
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