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  1. Well, no apt upgrade without WLAN on the NanoPi Air @martinayotte, I'll post my boot log tomorrow.
  2. Short update. Adding the fw_bcm43438a1_apsta.bin and fw_bcm43438a1.bin from in /lib/firmware/ap6212/ works for me on Legacy 5.25. I however still can't get it to work on Mainline. No matter where I copy the two files.
  3. Unfortunately I can't get it to work at all. root@nanopiair:~# ifup wlan0 Internet Systems Consortium DHCP Client 4.3.3 Copyright 2004-2015 Internet Systems Consortium. All rights reserved. For info, please visit Cannot find device "wlan0" Error getting hardware address for "wlan0": No such device
  4. Exactly the same situation here. NanoPi Neo Air board with AP6212A and Armbian_5.27.170428 nightly. The fw_bcm43438a1_apsta.bin and fw_bcm43438a1.bin in /lib/firmware/ap6212/ are present Bootlog: [FAILED] Failed to start LSB: Patch firmware for ap6212 adapter. See 'systemctl status ap6212-bluetooth.service' for details.