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  1. I have Banana M1+ and a spare 16Gb SD card, so am willing to test anything if required.
  2. Apart from the ongoing wireless / no wireless (just keep shutting down and / or rebooting until it comes back) issues, the board has been performing really well. I'm now just doing some basic housekeeping to check everything is okay and noticed that I'm getting a lot of entries in /var/log/syslog like this.... Jan 29 19:17:01 jukebox rsyslogd-2007: action 'action 17' suspended, next retry is Fri Jan 29 19:18:31 2016 [try ] (There's around 15 of these every hour) I've seen a 'fix' posted in in respect of Raspbian about this, but wondered if this is something that should be incorporated as part of the distro or is it something users need to discover and fix themselves?
  3. What I've been doing for remote storage is to connect to an nbd-server and I then mount the device with nbd-client and copy files to the filesystem then disconnect the client. Not sure if this a particularly good solution, but it's been working for me.
  4. The python script I have is : #!/usr/bin/env python3 # -*- coding:utf8 -*- import logging import pif import pygodaddy logging.basicConfig(filename='godaddy.log', format='%(asctime)s %(message)s', level=logging.INFO) GODADDY_USERNAME="xxxxxx" GODADDY_PASSWORD="xxxxxx" client = pygodaddy.GoDaddyClient() client.login(GODADDY_USERNAME, GODADDY_PASSWORD) logging.debug("Started: before 'for'") for domain in client.find_domains(): dns_records = client.find_dns_records(domain) # Old ip.. old_ip = list(dns_records)[0].value # 'New' ip! public_ip = pif.get_public_ip() # Some loggings and printing logging.debug("Domain '{0}' DNS records: {1}".format(domain, old_ip)) print("Domain '{0}' DNS records: {1}".format(domain, old_ip)) if public_ip != old_ip: if client.update_dns_record(domain, public_ip):"Domain '{0}' public IP set to '{1}'".format(domain, public_ip)) print ("Domain '{0}' public IP set to '{1}'".format(domain, public_ip)) else: pass # What to do here? .. else:"No update needed.") print ("No update needed.") (Can't remember where I got it from though. Sorry about that) EDIT : Found the original author and updater # Original Source: # # # # Modified by Jeremy Sears ( This updates the @ A record and I have a CNAME record for the hostname directing to @
  5. I've got an M1+ which cost exactly $40. Powered by basic 5V 2A. 240Gb SSD and 500Gb external disk run fine. WiFi is a bit hit and miss and refuses to come up sometimes, but this could be because all power downs are not graceful (Power supply in Thailand is crap and my UPS is currently bust)
  6. I registered a domain at Godaddy and have a python script that runs every ten minutes and updates my A record if my dynamic IP has changed. I can supply details if this is of interest.
  7. Probably a $300+ project by the end, so too rich for me at the moment. :-(
  8. You've lost me. How can I connect this to my incoming ADSL2+ presentation?
  9. "There is no CPU governor (yet?), so I assume it's running full speed (1.6Ghz) all the time." Interesting to see on their website..... There will be overclocking options too in the future to 1.8ghz/2.0ghz with newer DDR devices - but this is not public for now. From a quick read of their website, it would appear that this is what the Banana R1 should have been. If I could find a mini pcie ADSL2+ modem, this could be an interesting all-in-one gateway device project EDIT : Actually, thinking about it, exposing the motherboard to the telecomms network might not be such a good idea, as I've already had a modem/router fried during a heavy storm.
  10. A productive couple of days! A couple of modifications made to the supplied bin file (bin2fex and fex2bin) and I'm now using the onboard 3.5mm analog audio with no crackles and using a standard TRS cable as well as the SATA drive on the SATA port instead of via USB. [sata_para] [sata_para] sata_used = 1 sata_power_en = port:PB08<1><default><default><0> [audio_para] [audio_para] audio_used = 1 capture_used = 1 audio_pa_ctrl = port:PH15<1><default><default><0> audio_lr_change = 0 playback_used = 1 capture_used = 1 So, I now have a system running without any USB devices attached and MPD is outputting everything through the analog port. Just have to resolve the issue of the Wireless sometimes failing at boot. (Often a simple 'reboot' brings it back to life)
  11. "Bananian will not boot on your Banana Pi M1, M1+, Pro and R1 any longer " Ouch!
  12. Cheers for the solution! I saw this behaviour a couple of times on my Banana Pi M1+ and it caused issues with a few scripts such as the python script for setting the GoDaddy DNS Zone to my public IP address. (Learning more every day!)