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  1. I have read a few articles on kodi on Armbian. I am currently using RetrOrangePi as it is close to what i want. What i want is: A linux desktop - dont care which one Kodi with h/w acceleration RetrOranagePi does this but boots up into ES then you have to go to the desktop and currently i can't get kodo it run from desktop, so i have to go back into ES to run Kodi and i think (not sure) i can't update the os. so can i get the RetrOrangePi working kodi on an Armbian os? cheers
  2. The "fit to screen" setting worked Cheers
  3. I have an orange pi pc Just installed debian When it comes up on my TV, I can't sell the first 3 characters of screen, and it runs below the bottom of the TV so I can't see the last line or so How do I fix?