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  1. BPI-M3 build

    Hm, CLEAN_LEVEL="debs" FORCE_CHECKOUT=no (or maybe FORCE_CHECKOUT=no only?) do the trick. It looks like config/kernel/linux-sun8i-dev.config limits the core number (CONFIG_NR_CPUS=4). What is the correct way for armbian to define it as 8 and did not break other plaforms?
  2. BPI-M3 build

    Assuming I've already built the code, how can I re-build the armbian with no code checkout/reset and no patch applied? I need to alter the DTS directly in the kernel source with patches applied before.
  3. BPI-M3 build

    armbianmonitor -u: http://sprunge.us/GGRN Pull requiest: https://github.com/armbian/build/pull/734 As for the thermal sensor, it looks like thermal zone needs appropriate device tree implementation, similar to this: https://github.com/wens/linux/blob/sunxi-next/arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-a33.dtsi#L276 https://github.com/wens/linux/blob/sunxi-next/arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-a33.dtsi#L394 Nobody seen such patch for a83t?
  4. BPI-M3 build

    Ok, I'll collect it. I was able to change the root passwd, add new user (from the debug console) and was able later to connect/login the device by ssh. Ok. Actually, the change will need significant corrections - I did not try to modify the patches (that are mostly applicable for other devices), I simply removed those files. And I suppose I wont be able to do this correctly. I have one more issue: I've tried to upgrade the device (sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade) and this seems replaced the kernel and dtb packages (and device does not boot again). How can I prevent this? Should I modify the locally built package version somehow?
  5. BPI-M3 build

    Thanks! This repo is ok: patches applied successfully (though I had deleted most of the patches provided by Armbian, except the packaging-4.x-DEV-with-postinstall-scripts.patch which was corrected a little). I've built Armbian (console Xenial) and network works pretty good. Did not find any file under /sys/class/thermal/ Perhaps it needs to be ported from somewhere. Was it implemented somewhere already? In Sinovoip 3.4 maybe?
  6. BPI-M3 build

    I'm wondering are those patches from Patchwork are applicable to some specific git repo, branch? I'v tried to apply patches for bananapi m3 (https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9762011/, https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9762017/, https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9762019/, https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9762021/) to vanilla kernel, but the last one fails: Error: arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-a83t-bananapi-m3.dts:87.1-6 Label or path mmc0 not found Error: arch/arm/boot/dts/sun8i-a83t-bananapi-m3.dts:97.1-6 Label or path mmc2 not found Obviously it depends on some specific version of sun8i-a83t.dtsi, but I do not know how/where to get it. Should I try to find appropriate patch in this Patchwork?
  7. BPI-M3 build

    Thanks for the tip. I've tried to modify the patch for m3 to include this patch. The build is ok, kernel log does not show any issue while booting, but the board seems dos not get the IP via DHCP (I cannot see it on a router). I will try to get the logs from the board (I did not try yet simultaneously connect to debug port and attach the network cable), perhaps it will give me some clue. Actually, I did modified the patch to match the 4.11 version of a83 DTS. But the original patch seems for the mainline kernel. I'm wondering, can I build it instead of the 3rd party dev kernel currently used by m3 WIP? Is is enough to replace the URL of the kernel repo?
  8. BPI-M3 build

    It looks I was not patient to wait for first boot complete. I've set 'verbose=7' in armbianEnv.txt and now can boot to login screen (though I cannot log in, something wrong with TXD on my USB/Serial dongle). I've tried to log in via ssh, but was not able to do this. Kernel logs shows there is an error while initializing the Ethernet driver [ 4.613168] sun8i-emac 1c30000.ethernet (unnamed net_device) (uninitialized): Could not find a MDIO node [ 4.622735] sun8i-emac: probe of 1c30000.ethernet failed with error -22 Most likely the a83 DTS is not correct. For example, H3 dts : emac: ethernet@1c30000 { compatible = "allwinner,sun8i-h3-emac"; syscon = <&syscon>; reg = <0x01c30000 0x104>; interrupts = <GIC_SPI 82 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>; resets = <&ccu RST_BUS_EMAC>; reset-names = "ahb"; clocks = <&ccu CLK_BUS_EMAC>; clock-names = "ahb"; #address-cells = <1>; #size-cells = <0>; status = "disabled"; mdio: mdio { #address-cells = <1>; #size-cells = <0>; int_mii_phy: ethernet-phy@1 { reg = <1>; clocks = <&ccu CLK_BUS_EPHY>; resets = <&ccu RST_BUS_EPHY>; }; }; }; Whereas A83: emac: ethernet@1c30000 { compatible = "allwinner,sun8i-a83t-emac"; reg = <0x01c30000 0x104>, <0x01c00030 0x4>; reg-names = "emac", "syscon"; interrupts = <GIC_SPI 82 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH>; clocks = <&bus_gates 17>; clock-names = "ahb"; resets = <&ahb_reset 17>; reset-names = "ahb"; #address-cells = <1>; #size-cells = <0>; }; Does anybody know where can I get the correct DTS for A83 emac driver?
  9. BPI-M3 build

    I've fixed this, U-boot passed this, but stuck (see log) at Scanning for Btrfs filesystems minicom.cap
  10. BPI-M3 build

    It looks like the patch failed: Processing file /parentroot/devel/project/bananapi/armbian/lib/patch/kernel/sun8i-dev/board_bananapim3/a83t-banana-m3.patch 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file arch/arm/boot/dts/Makefile.rej
  11. BPI-M3 build

    I've finally started to debug the Armbian build (flashed to SD) with console. RIght before this I've flashed the emmc with the 'minimal-preview' image from BPI (http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-m3-new-image-ubuntu-16-04-xenial-minimal-preview-bpi-m3-img-2016-07-10/1988) Am I right U-Boot is trying to boot from it (see the attachment)? U-boot loaded from SD Boot script loaded from mmc If so, is it possible to switch back to SD boot without cleaning the emmc? minicom.cap
  12. BPI-M3 build

    Is it possible to provide more details? I'm not familiar with uboot (yet), but how this could affect the kernel start up? As for the kernel - the same question: what features could prevent armbian to boot?
  13. BPI-M3 build

    But why can I build A20 (bananapi) with both 3.4 and mainline? What is the reason for this limitation? Actually, I would try to do some development for this board if this is possible (i.e. no HW debugger is needed and I can use the console) and I'm asking for the best starting point. If I can start with 3.4 - great, I hope it is much easier to port board-specific drivers to the mainline if I have something working. This, of course, good is the chipset can boot (at least) on mainline.
  14. BPI-M3 build

    Actually device starts with the banana-pi (Sinovoip's) build (Desktop Ubuntu Mate, ), so I supposed it can also run the Armbian. If I got correctly, I should not rely the device boots to CLI with network (to use ssh) and I probably need to debug with serial console. It would be great to understand what is the best kernel (I mean where to get it) to start with. Armbian is currently using https://github.com/megous/linux/ , branch linux-sun8i-dev. Is it the best choice? What about mainline?
  15. BPI-M3 build

    What is the exact status of the M3 build? Can it at least boot? I've got a board few days ago and I've tried to build it and boot from SD - it does not boot.