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  1. Last time i tried the experimental image it booted fine however the HDMI did not work. I was able to SSH into the board just fine.
  2. I have not been seeing any booting issues with the experimental images including the most recent i tried Armbian_5.27.170511_Orangepiwin_Ubuntu_xenial_dev_4.11.0_desktop.img
  3. Mitch

    Orange Pi Win

    Thanks for the patch it now builds the ubuntu desktop image that is able to boot on my Orange PI Win. I have not tried the wifi yet. i did notice armbianmonitor gives message /usr/bin/armbianmonitor: line 264: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq: No such file or directory but other then that is seams be running great. much faster then the images available from
  4. When trying to build my own image for Orange PI Win using Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 x64 on VirtualBox i am getting a bunch of messages like below CC spl/drivers/block/blk_legacy.o In file previous definition from include/configs/sunxi-common.h:22,UNXI_TVE0_BASE 0x01c0a000 from include/configs/sun50i.h:28, from include/config.h:5, from include/common.h:21,