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  1. So, here is a first version of the tutorial - it is surely not perfect, so please comment, I would improve it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9rkZNVvi3bIaks1N2pQWEh3S1k/view?usp=sharing In the tutorial, I tried to motivate why I think it is useful. Certainly, there are also other ways of avoiding writing to SD-cards (e.g. log2ram, etc.), but live-boot is really convenient, after you get it working.
  2. Hi, Here is a link to the image: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9rkZNVvi3bINkFTMXpwbjZEZ1E/view?usp=sharing A tutorial describing how I built it, is coming soon ... Enjoy
  3. Hi. For some days I was working to compile a customized live distro based on Armbian and live-boot for my BananaPi M2+ board. Finally, it is ready to use. It boots from the builtin emmc flash and is completely readonly. It uses overlayfs together with squashfs. It also uses zram as swap to enhance memory capacity. A nice effect is that the sd/flash image becomes only 400mb, since it is squashed.. I would share the image and the details of making it, if somebody is interested, send me a message...