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  1. I had setup a WiFi access point with it. it wasn't going to be an actual router, I was just testing my Android App with it pushing config files ect. I am unable to even boot the device, it heats up without an SD card too. I'm using the standard quick charger from my S7 edge with a decent microUSB cable, it shouldn't be a problem. I've also tried it with my computers USB ports (max 500mA). Maybe my unit just had a defective SoC. I was running the legacy kernel listed on the Orange Pi Zero page. I can't measure the temperature of the SoC however if I place my finger on it and apply power it gets unbearably hot within ~2 seconds.
  2. @jhpadjustable Tried reflashing the SD and another power supply, no die. I can't get the serial output without cracking out my trusty ol' arduino I had the device working for two days (on and off), I left it running over night, so I think the SoC overheated and shorted itself internally, ordered another one anyway.
  3. The device gets unbearably hot as soon as it gets turned on, after ~30 seconds the Ethernet ports start to flash and the red light flashes for ~.5 of a second. I'm assuming it's toast, right?
  4. Aha, you're right. I've got a follow up for this, How are the devs generating the nightly builds, do they just edit the core files then the build server automatically adds in extra drivers for each device?
  5. I have my Orange Pi Zero flashed correctly (I think) with the green light solid and the red light flashing on every so often. I've got the unit plugged into a charger that provides sufficient power. The devices SoC warms up hinting that it is actually booting. When plugged into my network the activity LEDs do not flash nor does my router detect it. I'm considering connecting my keyboard to connect it to wifi blind. If I plug it in after boot nothing changes. What should I do? How can I connect it to my wifi blind? I do not have the shield for video out.
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