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  1. On the NanoPi NEO (a similar board), one of the USB ports on the pin headers didn't show until an extra overlay was added per the last post in this thread: You'll need to add the overlay itself back in whenever you update the kernel Can anyone see a reason why the usbhost1 overlay can't be added into our patches? The overlays for usbhost0, 2 and 3 were added in https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/0630d4dcd9f1f7e995d9f7bca7d6a952ba5ce92c#diff-7a324c1a1d17511d2a3728f2cb90d449 but there's no indication or comment on why usbhost1 was omitted.
  2. Preparing SD cards for cloning

    Hi Elliot, We have a shrink-image.sh script (https://github.com/ConnectBox/connectbox-tools/blob/master/deployment/shrink-image.sh) when preparing images for our Connectbox project. We prepare the image on a "master" machine, then shutdown and move the microSD to another machine, where we run that script. It's important to re-enable the `resize2fs` service on the "master" machine before shutting-down, or the root partition won't expand when the images are used. We don't trigger a firstrun (open to suggestions on whether we should!) Cheers.
  3. Edwin

  4. Try devices with the RT5372 chipset. It works out of the box with the NEO mainline and legacy, and because it's 2x2 MIMO you should see 50-70mbit/sec instead of the 30-40mbit/sec that comes from the 1x1 MIMO adapters. There's a compatibility matrix of our testing of a bunch of adapters against mainline and legacy if you want to consider more chipsets: https://github.com/ConnectBox/connectbox-pi/wiki/USB-WiFi-Adapters