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  1. Hello, I have same issue (Armbian 5.65, fresh install). Did you sovle this problem? Does anyone have working OTG on Orange Pi Lite?
  2. I have same issue on vanilla 4.19 kernel and OrangePi Lite board. I think it is related to rtl8189fs driver. @ap17 Can you share solution for this issue?
  3. Hi, I have similar problem. I am trying to run simple PCM5102 based DAC over I2S on BananaPro board but I got errors when I am try to play something. I have added to dts file: pcm5102a: pcm5102a { #sound-dai-cells = <0>; compatible = "ti,pcm5102a"; status = "okay"; }; sound { compatible = "simple-audio-card"; simple-audio-card,format = "i2s"; simple-audio-card,cpu { sound-dai = <&i2s0>; }; simple-audio-card,codec { sound-dai = <&pcm5102a>;