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  1. WSL really isn't a toy. It's already compatible enough for 90% of use cases. QEMU will work eventually. The biggest 'blocker' would be the inability to run linux services without bash open, but for tasks that involve direct interaction it's very good. We use it daily in our production environments without issue. Anyway, I'm out.
  2. FYI WSL can't be supported because you can't install the armhf qemu tools. https://github.com/Microsoft/BashOnWindows/issues/2103
  3. I plan to make a small cluster of Orange Pi Zero boards. Due to strict space requirements the design necessitates only one cable per board, which means power must go over the Ethernet cable. I already have a PoE switch I will use. I intend on purchasing active PoE splitters, cracking them open and rewiring them so that the 5v is sent over the Ethernet cable instead of the USB cable. If I understand the Q&A correctly, the only modification I need to make to the board is the 'Option 1' method, simply bridge the gap between pads R29 and R358. Has anyone here tried this?
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