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  1. Thank you for the tip. I'm not sure which flavor Orange Pi I have. Bought it as a preloaded MySQL/Webadmin/Apache/PHP server on eBay. Printed on the board is the O Pi logo and "PC v1.2". Is that a clue?
  2. I'm using an eBay packaged Debian 6 MySQL server that is on an OPi PC v1.2 (at least that's what's printed on the board). I am building a database for my app. Just discovered "Browse Network" on the File Manager app and was pleasetly surprised to see "WORKGROUP" appear, which is my (otherwise) Wintel home network. That network has an NAS, but dble-clicking the WG resulted in the attached popup "Failed to open "WORKGROUP". My Linux Bible suggested commands showmount, ftp, lftp and findsmb, none of which, apparently, are installed on my OPi Suggestions, please. Gene