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  1. I have sent them an email, but there is hope: Decoder settings are both hardware and software, so the gpu /"video card" may not matter much. The Linux download is a .deb file:
  2. Parsec does have clients for Linux, Mac, Android and Windows x86, and RPi ! But I will ask specifically ☺️ My question was really about whether these screen sharing clients would need a lot of gpu. But I think not- that is the while point of screen sharing: light clients, beefy server.
  3. @jock Appreciate the details 🙂 But how about #2 on my OP? is screen sharing whereby the server hosts the game, and streams it to clients ( Armbian Amlogic / RK TV boxes ?) So will Parsec gaming work with Armbian tv boxes ? ( Steam Remote Play Together is the Parsec equivalent of screen sharing, with Steam chat included.)
  4. @Werner Thanks. So hopefully there will be more answers. I have seen @NicoD youtubes but they don't really answer my questions. Likely then, #2 (screen sharing) ought to work; this implies all the gpu load is on the server, so few issues?
  5. Don't know if this is the correct section, but I couldn't find any info. Googling is confusing since this is aarch64 not x86 Linux ! Inquiries are for generic TV boxes, presumably by @balbes150 1. Does any Armbian distro allow playing videogames including retro? ( Steam now has Retroarch in beta.) b. Can Retro games be installed/run on these S905 tv boxes? 2. Given that Steam Remote Play and Parsec are screen sharing packages, is it possible to stream server installed games to Armbian TV client boxes? 3. How about installing Stea
  6. Hi Oleg! I am back after some summer issues at your S905 thread at LE Forum when CE folks had interjected, and my Cnx-Software comments were hijacked ... I will be posting on Armbian- my ID works here. But on LE it doesn't- don't know how to contact LE admin. Kindly you (or someone else) brief me on the following, from your Post#1 which has undergone changes since then: 1. There are many Google Playstore apps listed when I search for "Update & Backup." Which one should I use? 2. Kernel 4.16 (latest for Armbian and LE Kodi I assume?) does
  7. @balbes150 Thanks for your answers ! I too think emulation is not a good idea ?? Some clarifications: I am only interested in 720p Kodi streaming on S905W/X/D Android Box (since RK3229 doesn't seem supported.) Here is a good article by an old Silicon Valley hand: 1. Will Core 4.1 server work with S905* 720p streaming as for S912? Can resolution be higher? 2. What will Core 4.1 advantage
  8. Is there a Docker thread discussion for S905* Armbian? Also will Kodi run on Armbian server version with 4.* kernel besides on the 3.* desktop version?
  9. Actually I am thinking of Libreelec+ Docker Openwrt for additional server/router functions all on the same S905W generic Android Box,after finding that building Openwrt into LE won't be easy given lack of package manager. Those LE guys say Kodi is unstable on Android Boxes natively but LE is fast and fine !
  10. is a media center Linux based distro originally for Pi and now also for S905* boxes, by Sam Nazarko. It isn't Android. The S905* generic distro is from Hungary, so I used Google translate with Chrome!
  11. Re: desktop vs server based Armbian distros, can you run Kodi (with its own GUI and add-ons) on the server version? The desktop version provides the Linux distro GUI (eg LXDE) but we don't need that to run Kodi? Apart, would the desktop Armbian version have any special features over the server version beyond the distro GUI? The server version uses 4.* kernel as opposed to 3.14 for the desktop version, so does this mean better video HW acceleration and other better features?
  12. 1. As the uber philosopher Chuck D said: Don't believe the hype ! 2. On another topic, what is the difference between Armbian and OSMC for S905* Android Box devices? Isn't OSMC built for Pi types not Android Box type boards? Does it run lighter than Armbian? Here is an OSMC distro hack for all S905/X/D (W uncertain) Android Boxes: If you want to install server/ OpenWrt packages along with Kodi,
  13. Quite confusing ! I thought that you should be able to run Android ARM image via snaps on top of Armbian per what apparently says. Didn't realize you need both OS images compliant as Anbox images !
  14. Well the FAQ on the says it does support ARM- it was originally built using a phone: "Android image for every device? No. Anbox does not need a specific Android image for every device as it is specifically built in a device independent way. Anbox will ship with a single Android image per architecture (amd64, armhf, arm64) and no device specifc modifications are required." So what do you think now? Does this Anbox- Armbian combo make sense now???
  15. So I understand that @balbes150 doesn't approve of proot/chroot Linux over Android, which likely defeats the purpose of a (powerful) Linux OS. 1. Now given the popularity of Android apps, and the facts of Linux server stability plus all features we love, how about Android over Armbian? This should be a better idea, if feasible: From the Anbox FAQ- +Open GL/ES drivers should be available in Armbian): " In contrast to Google's (Chrome) implementation, Anbox doesn't allow any direct access to hardware devices. For example it br