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  1. how to set up swap partition

    Thanks.... Very clear how you tell this... I let the swap behind me... Sorry for your time.!!!
  2. how to set up swap partition

    mmm guys you make me crazy on a nice way:-) Good not good... My bpi runs a minecraft server for my kids... Works very fine.... Only i now the bpi dos not have a lot of memory... My SD cart is 64gb so there is more then i need... So i read something about a swap file. I think great when the server is running to the max memory is can get some from the sd with a swapfile... And so i can run the server on a perhaps to light board... and the swap help me when there are temperaly problems with the memory.... So i this correct? Now you guys are all pro's.. I am house builder [ bricklayer ] , that wil get my kids happy with a great toy, what other kids do not have,..[ their own server ] Hobby, and i learn something about linux... I am from the sixties, so no pc expert 2 all... :-) i can run a windows pc... :-( I am very happy with all your support.. Only i hope you will give me some more then only a link to a script .. That script i cannot read? Or i do not now what i can do with it.. I am very happy that i make the swap memory greater,..... [ i think ] Now i hope the bpi is going to use it... So please... some simple help step by step.. Thanks, form my 4 kids xxxx
  3. how to set up swap partition

    THANKS for the great work!! Armbian is a nice OS!! [ only my network connect problem is grrrrr. ]
  4. how to set up swap partition

    so i think i never see the swap memory is in use.... When i see it is in use, the Bpi have problems? .:-)
  5. how to set up swap partition

    mmm is this ok? root@bananapim2:~# free -h total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 1.0G 933M 67M 17M 16M 195M -/+ buffers/cache: 721M 279M Swap: 127M 0B 127M root@bananapim2:~# swapoff /var/swap root@bananapim2:~# dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap bs=1024 count=524288 524288+0 records in 524288+0 records out 536870912 bytes (537 MB) copied, 44.0321 s, 12.2 MB/s root@bananapim2:~# mkswap /var/swap Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 524284 KiB no label, UUID=fe0acba4-4629-4ff7-ac92-0f430d9cf57a root@bananapim2:~# swapon /var/swap root@bananapim2:~# free -h total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 1.0G 987M 13M 17M 12M 249M -/+ buffers/cache: 725M 275M Swap: 511M 0B 511M root@bananapim2:~# Looks ok by my.... Only what did i ? And what are the better specs @ this moment looking @ the config before??? Do i have more RAM? Or what is the swapfile doing??? :-)
  6. how to set up swap partition

    Dear... Thanks for the help... Only i am a noob..... Please can you tell me how to in simple steps... And the most important.. Can i brick or do something wrong??
  7. Does not auto reconnect after connection lost

    mmm Give it a try.. Not working... More options perhaps??
  8. how to set up swap partition

    old topic only this part is what i found... I run armbian [ latest ] on my Cb2 i need some memory so i think when i make swap i have more? My sd is 64gb so i hope i can use some from that. When i use Htop is see there is a swap: Only i am a noob, so i do not now or the swap is active? How can i enlarge the swap And are there more settings i need to set? Hope you will help me... Thanks ps: Is it not strange that there are serval minecraft things running?
  9. Does not auto reconnect after connection lost

    Sorry busy with work..:-( What is the best thing to do first... The static is always in my router, only that is no solution. So i need to change the document? with my static ip and netmask and gateway and the change of the dhcp to static?
  10. Does not auto reconnect after connection lost

    i did set a static in my router? What can i do with pre up??
  11. Does not auto reconnect after connection lost

    mm I found the settings [ :-) ] [ and change here in this code what i think i need to do.. ] In my Xu4 i did change no thing...[ not yet :-) ] # Wired adapter #1 ? allow-hotplug eth0 ? no-auto-down eth0 ? iface eth0 inet dhcp ? address netmask gateway dns-nameservers # hwaddress ether # if you want to set MAC manually ? # pre-up /sbin/ifconfig eth0 mtu 3838 # setting MTU for DHCP, static just: mtu 3838 ? # Wireless adapter #1 # Armbian ships with network-manager installed by default. To save you time # and hassles consider using 'sudo nmtui' instead of configuring Wi-Fi settings # manually. The below lines are only meant as an example how configuration could # be done in an anachronistic way: # #allow-hotplug wlan0 #iface wlan0 inet dhcp #address #netmask #gateway #dns-nameservers # wpa-conf /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf # Disable power saving on compatible chipsets (prevents SSH/connection dropouts over WiFi) #wireless-mode Managed #wireless-power off # Local loopback auto lo iface lo inet loopbac MM Where the ? I do not now what i must set there... Perhaps a example setting from someone?? Edit: Dio i need to set here a thing to?
  12. Does not auto reconnect after connection lost

    Some one have experience with network manager?? Hope there is some one that will help me with a step by step.... Thanks
  13. BPI M2 greater memory with USB

    mmm I did try a 30Gb usb 3.0 and the intern memory move option I saw the 30gb usb that was using the mem.. Only not the good memory. When i addded some files the sd memory was enlarging. So i start again,, with a class 10 64GB micro U3 type Very fast and good working...
  14. Speed up my Bpi M2

    Dear All, I build a minecraft server for my 2 lovely kids,,[ and a little bit for myself ] on my Bpi M2 I run armbian on the board, and i am very happy with this OS> 64gb sd class 10 U3 in it... I read in the documentation that i can give the CPU a boost, with Performance tweaks.. Only i can not let the server crash, so i hope there is some on that can help me with the tweak. I do not now how i can make this tweak and i need a stable server, so i think i cannot go to the highest settings. Only what i say... no experience with this tweak. Is this a tweak that can make my server faster.? [ is there really a different s between the settings? for a mc server? so you can feel teh change in settings? Hope that someone wil help me with it. Are there more tweaks that i can maken? [ set heat-sinks on the CPU ] I see the tweak in the documentation, only i do not understand how i can make this tweaks.... Thanks!!
  15. Dear all... I run om my BPI M2 a minecraft server, fo my kids. Works great only my 8gb sd cart is not big enough for all the plugins my kids wil have.. They love the game, and are very proud to all there friends... And i am there smart DAD that can make all this stuff.......:-) I love to see my kids smiling, and playing on my board... Is there a option to enlarge the sd with a extra USB so i can place on the USB some plugins? Or is there a other way to enlarge the memory on the board? I see in the config a option to move something to a other device only i do not now how this working. If this option is a solution for me.. please a little bit help?... Hope there is something possible. Thanks! Dombo