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  1. My bad, I didn't realize that wasn't an armbian build. I just figured since it was on the wiki it was armbian. If I switch to the mainline debian build available at armbian can I do the following: flash a custom image onto the eMMC set/get gpio values via script (I'm assuming you can but I'll ask just in case) via script switch to and from AP mode via script If so, consider me switched, but can I get a write up of how to do all of those?
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into it in a bit, but I need it to be done through script. Would the following work? rmmod brcmfmac modprobe brcmfmac op_mode=2 Also I'm using the nanopi-neo-air_eflasher_4.14.img if it helps.
  3. In the 3.4 Kernel I could call: rmmod dhd modprobe dhd op_mode=2 To set the wifi module to Access Point mode. But with the latest Kernel 4.14(?) neither of these modules exist. Does anyone know what the equivalent of this code would be for 4.14, or some other way to enable AP mode?
  4. So I have a NanoPi Neo Air and I wanted to make an Access Point out of it using Hostapd and Dnsmasq. I tried using armbian but I have the AP6212A Wifi Chip so I can't use armbian as it just doesn't detect that wlan0 even exists. And based on googling I'm not even sure if that issue is resolved. If anyone can tell me how to resolve this issue with Armbian I will gladly switch over). So I switched over to the FriendlyArm distribution and it detects the wlan0 module successfully and I am able to connect to the internet. I even got Hostapd and Dnsmasq running but the Hostapd isn't broadcasting the AP (or at least it isn't being picked up by anything) even though the service seems to have run successfully except: "hostap Failed to set TX queue parameters for queue 0". Does anyone know if I have to do something special to get the AP6212A into accesspoint mode using FriendlyArm? TL;DR: Does anyone know if I have to do something special to get the AP6212A into accesspoint mode using FriendlyArm distribution? Or does anyone know how to get AP6212A wifi chip working on the mainline Armbian distribution?