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  1. Defintly nobody wants to have such useless warning messages. I only have a fact and need a hint to handle this as I am a beginner. A beginner in developing for Linux on SBCs as I am one for developping under vxVorks for Altera SoCs which is only little comparable and in my case I have a Lauterbach debugger to work with and as far as I know it is neither available on bananaPi nor on RaspberryPi so there must be an other way to do a board bringup from souce level. It is much easier to say that you have no idea what to do than this thread is finished very fast.
  2. OK, then it must be something easy to understand: Lets see to beginn systematic: 1. My Armbian_5.27_Bananapim2ultra_Debian_jessie_dev_4.11.0-next-20170427.img is (1.346.371.584 Bytes in size. 2. It has one partition ./Armbian_5.27_Bananapim2ultra_Debian_jessie_dev_4.11.0-next-20170427.img1 2048 2629631 2627584 1,3G 83 Linux nothing else. 3. I have used a sundisk ultra 32GB formated with SDFormater and used Win32DiskImager both under Windows 7. 4. I have replugged it in the Windows-PC and it could not use it at all (what wonder why) it has only a LINUX partition. 5. I have put it into the bananapim2u and replugged the power supply and nothing happens, What is wrong ? With the BPI -Images Debian Jessy or Ubuntu my HW-works, but as it is already known that s.th is wrong with the DDR-SDRAM-MenControllerConfig it is running 10-30 Minutes under memtester until it freezes.
  3. At the beginning I thought that all kind of open source projects are in basic a challange to get s.th running nevertheless it is easy or not. When a HW is easy to use then it must be a Windows PC or an Apple-Macintosh to compare with. The mentioned m2u is very new and I very understand that it is not perfect like it was at the beginning of the so famous RaspberryPI, now. As far as I can see all around is, that sunxi is working on mainline kernel also for R40 and also BPI delivers more and more. My qustions are NOT going to to blame s.o. job, I ask to get information for first steps to develop and improve like everyone in the commutity. I am realistic enough to see that it is not possible to get the solutions to every problem for this kind of HW, but as it already has proved to run LINUX and ANDROID more or less stable (more less) it is time to think about it. I had very good experience with the LeMaker M2 w their 7"LCD with mali driver and self generated Kodi on it so why not continue with the m2u.
  4. Have done as recommended. Now build-Env is VirtualBox with Xenial as guest and all build targets of Bananapi m2u(WIP) w/wo desktop or Jessy alone up to ubuntu-desktop is buildable. But no kind of image on sd-card is running. My only real experience with this kind of HW is legacy kernel V3.4.x so my first idea was to mount the image in loop to see what is inside. Indeed a rootfs is in but nothing else. I think s.th is missing to boot with the bootrom-code of the SOC which should be in the linear space of the sd-card at the beginning, but maybe the m2u can already boot ext4-FS already from Cold-Boot. All image I have seen until now are more or less 7GB or greater but even the Ubuntu-desktop version is only halfe in size. All other are not more than 2GB and they are definitly no .zip-archives. Question: What is the next step when an image seems not running at all (no LED is blinking) is there any chance to see s.t. over UART com of the board at a phase where also u-boot is not running ? Is it better to use the .deb-files from a mounted USB-stick and install all components on this way?
  5. I an new in building ARMBIAN. I have native: ' Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Release: 16.04 Codename: xenial with a nfs-mounted share on my NAS as working directory. [ o.k. ] Building deb [ linux-u-boot-dev-bananapim2ultra_5.27_armhf.deb ] dpkg-deb: Fehler: Control-Verzeichnis hat falsche Zugriffsrechte 770 (muss >=0755 und <=0775 sein) -> Sorry, I have German settings in my linux: I translate it corresponding: Error: Control-Directory has wrong access rights 770 (must be >=755 and <= 775) [ error ] ERROR in function compile_uboot [ common.sh:156 ] [ error ] Building u-boot package failed I can put a chmod -R command into common.sh but afterwards all updates will be denied. It seems to be an easy issue maybe something around the build environment or s.th with the nfs - options in my mount-point.