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  1. I recommend the ROCK Pi E, which is 15$ with 256M ram, 17$ with 512M ram, 21$ with 1GB ram. You can get GbE, USB3 plus a 100M ethernet. Engineering sample is available now. https://wiki.radxa.com/RockpiE Oh, I forgot to mention it also support eMMC module, and PoE HAT.
  2. I think there is some misunderstanding here. Last time we checked, radxa u-boot in SPI with Armbian in NVMe can boot, with MBR. Maybe some boot order change in u-boot caused this? We will look into it.
  3. ok, we will fix in the next revision. Both led should be controllable, the green should be used for power indicator on hardware and after software running can also control it by gpio.
  4. Kever Yang from Rockchip told me they will eventually upstream the DDR4 support in u-boot. We need to wait for some time.
  5. You can release it. We will polish the schematic formats and release it anyway...
  6. Thanks for pointing it out. I will have out engineer look at it and clean the device tree. We would like to contribute to Armbian and get some decent support on ROCk Pi 4. Apparently, we should do it in the right way.
  7. hipboi

    Rock PI 4

    The radxa people is working on Armbian support for this board. I think it will be soon to have Armbian on ROCK Pi 4.
  8. hipboi

    Rock PI 4

    Check this one: http://dl.radxa.com/rockpi/images/ubuntu/rockpi4b-ubuntu-bionic-minimal-20181123_2237-gpt.img.gz
  9. Hardware interface is not the same. Checkout ROCK Pi 4, 59usd for model B with 2GB ram, AC wifi and BT 5.0, works with the Raspberry Pi Oficial 7" display.
  10. Hi, this is Tom from Vamrs, I reply some of the questions you might want to know about Ficus board. Btw, we need developers working on OpenWRT on WRTnode 2P, takes as below: 1. port rkdeveloptool on OpenWRT 2. test and verify the rk3399 power control, maskrom mode 3. simplify the web interface, remove all the router things 4. implement remote firmware upgrading function, basically download the firmware, make rk3399 in maskrom mode and run rkdeveloptool 5. optional get 4G module working(uart interface) We are really lack of hands. If anyone is interested in tasks above, we are happy to send a set of kits to develop.
  11. @tkaiser I did not forget it. We update ficus to v1.1 adding some requests from customers and now it's out. We will send you the new boards soon after some testing.
  12. Looks promising Update: I just found another website called vamrs sell the Sapphire board. https://store.vamrs.com/products/rockchip-rk3399-sapphire-board
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