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  1. The bad background color is the pll value but not only that (for me atleast). There is some other problem because i use pll 334 and the picture is perfect but often if i turn off the display and turn it on again it gets this color problem as if the pll is wrong. This happens when i boot the board also. its like 50/50 chance to get this problem and cycling the display on and off fixes it for me but is really annoying. Since i use a laptop panel and a universal controller board i think it may be the lcd controller but it does not happen on other resolutions. Anyway since i got another display i
  2. I would like to confirm that the above video settings work for me too on a samsung laptop pannel 1280x800 using a tsum v29 universal lcd controller, BUT i had to set PLL_VIDEO=330 to get correct colors. Using 336 or from 332 to 338 results in blurry mostly green screen. PLL 330 nad 331 worked for me so i havent tested anything else. P.S. : I tested first option and it works too whithout changing pll using the stated 334. I made a patch for those that want to try it but dont know how and where to add the modlines. To activate resolution change screen0_output_mode = 38 scre