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  1. Umtkyck why do youwant to do this instead or trying a more mainstream approche?
  2. Hello @Joks can you give me some hint to use my PN532 NFC module with my orangi pi plus 2e ?
  3. my bad tkaiser. I should have said "He did not consider the XU4 in his topic considering the subject". OK so no hardkernel borads (to expensive anyway), which one then ? (H3 or not)
  4. Thinks for your answer For the moment only renaudrenaud's last answer help me a bit. For tkaiser the best board is the OP+2E but he did not consider the XU4. How to chooce between those 2.?
  5. Hello, I am wondering which board I should buy between thoses 2 : Orange Pi Plus 2E Allwinner H3 39$ (all in one) and ODROID-XU4 Exynos5422 80$+taxes(=~100$) I want a board that can deliver good transfert speed over the network to host files. So good bandwidth for network AND I/O for the hard drive. Plus I have a 4K TV so I would love to enjoy it (not sure 4k is supported by both cards) Obviously the XU4 is faster (and with usb3) but nearly twice the price so.. It has to to worth it. So, do you have some hints / numberses to show ? Best kernel support. Best community support. Best vendor. etc any usefull comment is good to know. If you have any other sugestions I am opened. edit: price correction for OP +2E
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