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  1. Hi, after many test, i have the same result, diagnostic is faulty gigabit switch but its really strange because the raspberry pi work well same for my computer, i'll go deeper when i'll get the time, but yeah this kind of problem make me crazy too. It can be MTU too but since i know that the orange pi work well in France i stop investigation about this trouble and focus on my project development. Regards
  2. I'v done many test and change the dhcp settings -> 40 is now 60 i'll read and answer later to your post. Regards
  3. Result of traceroute from Orange PI Output of tracert : I dont refuse anything, stop to be crazy & agressive for nothing take ur pills do something, stop to talk about my sd & power this is not the problem !!! In few hours you will get answer about network Regards
  4. Exactly, So when i'v received my orange pi and it won't boot what i have check first ? Sd card, i'v test the SD and try on raspberry work perfectly so i think that it can be an incompatibility between my sd and orange pi, so i'v bought a new SD directly from a shop, i had the same result, so i'v bought a second orange pi with power supply, i'v test the first one with this power supply won't work, so i'v test the second one with the first sd and it work well, so i think ho ok its really good everything work, and then no ethernet and work perfectly in wifi so i'v think o
  5. Seriously it not funny at all, i waste many days for this trouble, i use orange pi only because of EMMC thing i cannot find at acceptable price on Raspberry. If orange pi worked same as raspberry, i already release my project. You never did mistake? I can tell you that when you receive a first orange PI who's faulty, second who booting but no internet, third no internet, fourth no internet, and you plug your raspberry pi and everything working perfectly in the second, you just getting mad to looking for the problem. Yeah i'v build an image and then i try to put this ima
  6. I'v made some test and result are strange. For the test i'v put my laptop under linux live cd. In ethernet to ethernet i can ping from my laptop to orange pi, thing i cannot do from my laptop in wifi to orange pi, but i can do the both with my pi. I really dont understand where it come from, tonight i'll go deeper about the networks test with my Engineer. Regards
  7. @tkaiser do you understand that i have 3 power supply ? Undervoltage is only appear because of the white cable i never seen this sign with my other power supply Which sd card problems ? I never had sd card problem. I ask again : - Which voltage i should have at pin 1 and 2 on my orange pi zero ? Its useless to continue for you because you cannot provide rational answers. Today i will ask my network enginer to make a report, then you will stop to annoying me with network. Shitty video ? Its proof of everything, i will do another one with exactly
  8. @tkaiser I dont refuse to give i just forgot to answer to it : Voltage delivery by the PSU : Power checked on the orange pi pin (Samsung Original Cable) : Test with Nexus 6 P Original charge cable : Test with ramdom short cable :
  9. You failed to burn images since 'too smart to follow instructions' : I succefully write a broken image because i forgot to check the checksum of the builded image. understanding of basics ('Chinese stuff magically appearing on your Armbian build' while you in reality just failed to boot the board from SD card and Android on eMMC took over) : I had 2 orange pi pc plus, i mistake between one of them that i already tested and ship aboard to my developper. (After severals hours of testing writing etc my optimist mind was gone) under-voltage happens in your setup -> Yeah w
  10. @StuxNet i bought the alligator yesterday... I didn't do this before had many troubles @tkaiser i want to insult you but i'll not do it because i want to solve my problem, Sd card was tested : #########################SD TEST################################ TEST 8 GB KINGSTOM Warning: Only 14895 of 14896 MByte tested. -> This is mean that all the sd card was fully write, its mean all byte was write Test finished without errors. -> This is mean that no error was detected so you can think that SD card is 100% working (not 100% one MByte was
  11. Arp -a : ipconfig /all : Traceroute incoming & video proof too (If you dont care dont speak about the value of your time, time is precious for everyone in this topic)
  12. @tkaiser I did my test before posting, My first faulty orange pi was received on 20 april, and i post on 18 june. Since this time i'v test many orange pi, test multiple power supply test my network, ask my network enginer to check and his response is : driver is faulty, i'v contacted the developper of the driver, he told me that the driver will be updated and soon available. I dont use any usb cable before, its directly connected in the power supply (picture ) I use vpn the ip is a virtual interface I'm just bored that everyone take me as a noob, you to
  13. Provide screenshot, and photo of the board please. About the emmc i was just crazy to make some test all the night and i didnt see that the image was corrupted and default emmc booting up ! But you look so self confident, so after all test i'v provided you should directly tell me why all my raspberry pi working well and why all my orange pi don't work? (3 raspbery pi, 4 orange pi) Yeah ok so my case dont need to be solved i dont deserv explaination i'm just unlucky to bought 100% faulty product this is the conclusion thank you a lot 100$ gone
  14. @Igor I'll try anyway and if its not working i'll contact aliexpress to stop selling this default product until problem fixed. Regards
  15. @Bubba i'm happy to ear that, you have the same problem as me. Which version of board you have ? I have bought laboratory power supply 0-30V 3A, and same problem here the video :