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  2. The problem is, neither the 7601 or onboard wlan work (software-wise) with the new builds, nice pictures though
  3. Does this also have the driver for mt7601u in it as well? I don't know how to find the latest build where that still exists too
  4. I am the same with the driver for the 7601U wlan dongle which works solidly for me in the older version ( at work now so can't remember off hand what the cutoff point is). I'm not sure exactly how all these drivers fit into building an image, but you'd have to assume that something somewhere caused an issue that is fixed easier than reprogramming the driver. I wish I had the software skills (and the time!) to be able to contribute more to these images
  5. Hi, long time listener (whos ears do not always understand everything that has been said), first time caller, please be gentle. Like a lot of people I am not a linux expert but I am willing to learn. I have the opizero and the 7601 wifi chip and with the ubuntu legacy kernel the chip worked great and was giving me reasonable wifi speeds (I want to use it as a wireless backup). It worked over multiple reboots until... I did the apt upgrade and the ra0 driver has disappeared and I cannot seem to get it back. the wlan0 also has disappeared but I'm not really fussed a