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  1. Hi, This read is getting a bit too long and thus it is getting hard to find information in it. Am up for helping on extracting some of the information here and compiling it in a wiki or other type of shared document to help the espressobin community. Anyone else think this is a good idea ? And maybe new threads per subject could be openned ? Does this forum have a habit of using the lock feature on posts that are too long ? By the way, I've asked a question about "[Espressobin] Transparent monitoring switch - ethernet bridge and hardware questions" that might interest s
  2. I am running armbian 5.44 testing Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.40-mvebu64 on the espressobin and quite enjoy the default setting of plugin it into my my network without having to change anything (no changes to DHCP, routing, existing firewall and port redirection settings), but I have no way of introspecting the network like I would like. My project is to have a monitoring device on my home network that then helps me set up traffic shaping rules (eg. stop those annoying updates of the "other OS" from preventing everyone from using the internet, simple browsing rendered unusa