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  1. I do admire 1 who gets hands on, and isn't afraid to experiment, so its all cool literately and figuratively speaking
  2. Well i know some of u like to watch data ..... Came allong this git, and is pritty awesome 2 check it out here: http://netdata.firehol.org/ Worx fine on a bana-armbian (if moderators dont like gifs just remove it np) Edit: tweaks for embedded devices Running netdata in embedded devices Embedded devices usually have very limited RAM resources available. There are 2 settings for you to tweak: update every, which controls the data collection frequency history, which controls the size of the database in RAM By default update every = 1 and history = 3600. This gives you an hour of data with per second updates. If you set update every = 2 and history = 1800, you will still have an hour of data, but collected once every 2 seconds. This will cut in half both CPU and RAM resources consumed by netdata. You can also disable plugins you don't need. Disabling the plugins will also free both CPU and RAM resources.
  3. u cooled everything except the A20? Edit: ah this isnt a R1 sorry my bad
  4. Nothing to add, just a breadboard a 4.7K res on a base of a transistor (picture TKasier) and that petrmaje didn't give up on the R1, makes me smile. I geuss Goethe is right again : "In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance." Currently i´am on a D.V.R. with R1 and zoneminder (ipcamera) project, no problems, and damn the A20 still keeps surprising me. Caio from Holland
  5. Hello DerDon Not a real answer to your question butt.. just pointing to an audiophile music player i use with a Raspberry + hifiberry DAC. Again i didn't test it on a CubieTruck but, there is a special version available witch might solve your need. https://volumio.org/ https://volumio.org/get/VolumioCubie U could check it out the quality its awesome. Sinc P.
  6. Hi Josef, u want to do both? so charge the LiPo and powering the board at the same time? It wont be possible without some additional electronics, so NO its charge or Power the board. Sinc P.
  7. A little to add to this, Dont forget Tkaiser and i use a hdd, and does some cooling 2 Maybe add a lay around laptop hdd, the hdd houseing sits ontop of the Broadcom and far away from the A20. It could only get better this way. If your going to use the hdd read the instructions on Tkaisers wiki because u have to power it another way. P.
  8. Hi petrmaje With my farmer logic its probly your Broadcom BCM53125 chip that sits right under your HDD. Your prbly dont have a HDD attached that funktions (@here) as a very luxury cooling plate with additional data parking space. My sollution : If your using the standard acrlyc housing loose the sides and put it verticaly like tkaiser said. There is enough space between the acrylic housing backplate to fit in a small cooling element/plate. Always cool the A20 but thats not the problem imho. Well i dont have it build like Tkasier but its realy stable 2 altough i might paint it black 2 see pictures loose the side panels cool your BCM53125 chip Sinc Patcher
  9. @Tkaiser I just checked, and thx for your sharp eyes and acknowledgement of the polarity because the picture gave a false impression. It would make no sense if the + was at the edge, even for Chinese developers. So + most inwards and - outward pin Removed the picture ofc.
  10. Hi db, Samba is always a pain in the ..s, if your new to this all i advise u to use ajenti for your troubles. Its a multilingual web-based server administration panel, that very user friendly for all your installation needs. Install is simple, u cant do anything wrong, and i used it for Samba and other frustrating installations. If your using a Debian flavored linux, the install is only 1 sentence. Check it here :http://ajenti.org/ debian install : http://support.ajenti.org/topic/349864-installing-on-debian/ for other flavored linux, read website.
  11. Hi Igor, i´am not much of a coder, hardware is my thing. I just wanted to point out as i geuss the perfectionist u are, that there are simple hardware add-ons, i am using to measure my solar panel charge/discharge in real time. The sensor i am using comes with a 3 pin 2,54 inch connector and communicates very straight forward in mV to a/d channel. U could pop it into the strip connector of the board, if we can find a 5volt + /- and an a/d channel besides another. (did'nt check yet) I could elaborate more, if this is interesting for the community. This is the 1 i´am talking about and costs about 2-3 euro's and is very accurate.
  12. @tkaiser. Hi, i used this connector because i use a HDD. If your not planning to use it with a HDD just use the normal way to connect through the micro usb. To connect to this Li Po connector, just use an old 2 pin connector u can salvage from an old fan, its a normal 2 pins connector u will have laying around i guess. Better not bend the connector because of warranty troubles. Edit : removed confusing picture. for polarity see 2 posts down.
  13. FIRST OF THX iGOR FOR YOUR GREAT WORK AND HANDS-ON WORKING IMAGES Sata powering, no nonsense, just inject the power 5 Volt into the LiPo battery connector and your ready to go. Its idd poorly designed, and there are different solutions about, this 1 suits me fine. I found the solution on a forum, if i find it again ill post the 1 who came with this solution. Credits due to that person who experimented, without risking his/your warranty. The battery charger will shut off above 4,2 volts, and i was not using it anyway. Because of another design flaw, watch the temperature of your hard-disk, its 40+ because it sits on top of something hot. Especially if your using the closed acrylic case that comes with it. Besides the hardware/design flaws in this board it will make a kick-ass router. Edit: after injecting the 5 Volt to the LiPo socket press power on button Greetz form Holland
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