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  1. Actually I am using different image from you and i gueess it doesnt contain automatic resize process. When i use your image it is really automatically resizing. How do you do this resize process. Could you please help me
  2. I have at last succesfully installed on emmc. Although emmc has 8gb storage, System (/dev/data) has just 4.5 Gb . How can we expand this. Is there any tool or anything else. Thanks.
  3. I tried this. But I have black screen on my monitor. And the blue light on device is not working. But i didnt try ssh connect
  4. Hello How did you install image to emmc with Could you please explain in detail. Where is the file ?
  5. Hello, I have used this image on mini m8s(Amlogic s905x) with sd card and it is working successfully. I would like to install firmware to emmc flash and i have used nand-sata-install script. But it bricked my device. I reflashed with the original firmware to solve problem. When I use nand-sata-install script it is woking up to 100% at last it is giving some errors like ; 1. can't read /mnt/bootfs/boot/boot.cmd No such file or directory 2. can't read /mnt/bootfs/boot/armbianEnv.txt No such file or directory I guess these files must be under /boot directory. But firmware doesnt have these files. Could you please help me ?