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  1. Anyone can help me to find what I need to modify in u-boot for reach 1.2ghz cpu clock. I know that I can have some troubles with this clock but I use only 1 or 2 CPU core and already test this clock with old legacy kenrel without thermal or power issues.
  2. There's a way to change the framebuffer display resolution / refreshrate? Via HDMI my display work at 1920x1080 at 25Hz, i need to set it to 60Hz
  3. I can confirm that with this mod eMMC now work and I can use the nand-sata-install
  4. You think is sufficent to make this change to drivers/mmc/core/mmc.c in kernel? if (card->ext_csd.rev > 7) { if (card->ext_csd.rev > 8) {
  5. I have already one R69 and no problem to access to eMMC and use NAND install script with an Legacy kernel Image. Now I bought 2 new box and from the same image I can't access to eMMC in any way If I use mainline kenrnel no problem, but my work for now only work on Legacy kernel. [ 1.543692] mmc0: new high speed SDHC card at address 59b4 [ 1.544181] mmcblk0: mmc0:59b4 USD00 14.9 GiB [ 1.545566] mmcblk0: p1 [ 1.546152] mmcblk mmc0:59b4: Card claimed for testing. [ 1.546167] mmc0:59b4: USD00 14.9 GiB [ 1.547746] [mmc]: sdc2 power_supply is null [ 1.622884] mmc2: unrecognised EXT_CSD revision 8 [ 1.622900] mmc2: error -22 whilst initialising MMC card [ 1.623020] [mmc]: sdc2 power_supply is null [ 1.626080] [wifi_pm]: get wifi_sdc_id failed [ 1.627121] [mmc]: sdc2 power_supply is null [ 1.660056] usb 6-1: new low-speed USB device number 2 using sunxi-ohci [ 1.717076] mmc2: unrecognised EXT_CSD revision 8 [ 1.717089] mmc2: error -22 whilst initialising MMC card [ 1.717203] [mmc]: sdc2 power_supply is null [ 1.721302] [mmc]: sdc2 power_supply is null
  6. I can test, give me time but the same work with debian and only have simple function for un-tar. No error was reported after run it like I write on first post.
  7. Using work nice with debian but not executed when build Ubuntu. Log report [O.K.] Calling image customization script [] but after that no output from my script and no change on image