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  1. I can't test with other sd, I a have only 3 sdhc memory and all have same issue. I compile linux in buildroot with all armbian patch (5.10, 5.15) and try with different uboot and atf and I have the same problem. Also I use the libreelec/lakka patch with buildroot and the board boot always without issue with linux kernel 5.10.109. (uboot+atf+crust)
  2. I have similar problem with OrangePi One Plus and Armbian 22.02 First boot work ok, after resize and configure if reboot the image dosen't boot because can't mount root fs. If I use 21.05 all work fine. I can suppose it's like this: I have other board with H3 and H5 and the problem dosen't affect this models
  3. I use the patch and compile the image with the armbian. Compilation is ok. There isn't tve overlay to use, i don't know if it's necessary. I power on the board with the image builded and Image work and I can connect via SSH but no image output. I also test to add tve overlay to image, add tve to dts overlay Make file. I now have the dtbo tve file but adding it to overlay don't give me the solution, no image output. If I use old kernel (with fex) image output via CVBS works. UPDATE: add the patch for enable tve overlays kernel-sunxi-current.patch
  4. I can't make it working with orangepi zero and kernel 5.10.92, can anyone help me
  5. Can you share the solution. I have only white display
  6. Finaly build with no error with this deb:
  7. The error with qemu old version happen on both, native or virtual. The error after update qemu to 5.0 happen on vagrant, for now I don't test on native.
  8. Installed this on focal and now work
  9. where find compiled quemu 5.1.0 for focal? I test to build but have error when link with "--static"
  10. Can I add that in past with old version of armbian on Ubuntu 16.04 the problem dosen't exist. Qemu version in this case, if I'm not wrong, is 2.5
  11. I tried with Bionic and have the same issue. Yes, is probably Qemu problem, I have the same problem if I chroot manually and try to do the same thing. In Focal qemu version is 3, in Bionic qemu version is 4 and I have the same problem. I compile the version 5 on Focal but I can't successefull build the static version with softemmu. I will test the 5 from unstable branch on Bionic
  12. In my I need to dowload source via git and make it like user and not like root. Example of git clone /home/pi/xxx su -c "sudo -S /home/pi/xxx/" - pi This work when I build image for OrangePi4 (and all other rk3399 board) It dosen't work when build image for sun8i board like OrangePi Lite. Both git and su command return error and compilation fail. This happen with legacy and mainline kernel, with ubuntu or debian.
  13. Anyone can help me to find what I need to modify in u-boot for reach 1.2ghz cpu clock. I know that I can have some troubles with this clock but I use only 1 or 2 CPU core and already test this clock with old legacy kenrel without thermal or power issues.
  14. There's a way to change the framebuffer display resolution / refreshrate? Via HDMI my display work at 1920x1080 at 25Hz, i need to set it to 60Hz