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  1. I understand, how to recompile the kernel for version 3.10?
  2. Hello, I'm tempted to load the Siano Mobile Silicon driver (TV adapter) into the Orange Pi PC more I'm not getting. I have performed the following procedures already: I put it in the / lib / firmware folder: isdbt_rio.inp I configured the smsmdtv.conf file (options smsmdtv default_mode = 4) in the /etc/modprobe.d/ folder I installed firmware-siano-rio_1.0_all.deb (sudo dpkg -i firmware-siano-rio_1.0_all.deb) Has anyone already set up the siano drive on linux? Thank you very much
  3. Yes, more on debian or ubuntu does not have the script.bin file .. How would it be to change the DTS?
  4. Armbian does not support the driver we need (TV adapter)
  5. Hi, I was able to perform serial communication (uart1, uart2, uart3) on Orange Pi PC with the arbiam operating system. Now, I need to perform the same communication using another operating system (Debian or Ubuntu). I can not set the pins on uart. Anyone have any tips? thank you Att, Rafael