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  1. I am testing with the last version of Armbian (Ubuntu Bionic) and it's working fine. i2c-1 is enabled by default. sudo apt install python3-wheel python3-setuptools python3-dev build-essential sudo apt install python3-smbus git clone --depth 1 git clone --depth 1 cd luma.oled/ sudo -H python3 install cd ~/luma.examples/examples python3 Don't forget to add yourself in the "i2c" group and to connect your oled in the P27 (i2c1-sda) and P28(i2c1-scl) and 3.3volts. sudo userm
  2. Yes, I have Rock64 working with I2C and a 20x4 LCD display like this one Aliexpress and the dbrgn/RPLCD under Python 3.6.6 (Ubuntu Bionic 18.04) : git clone -b test-entrypoint-1811 ( I fix a little bug for the test ) I have too an ESP8266 (Nodemcu) and a OLed 0.96" display. I'm trying for running Oled with Rock64. The following library is working but don't keep the display on when I leave my script pip3 install luma.oled My script : #!/usr/bin/env python3 from luma.core.interface.serial import i2c, spi fro
  3. Useful doc here : I am trying with Ayufan distribution : I have connecting i2c on P27 (i2c1-sda) and P28(i2c1-scl) and 3.3volts and the display is found with "i2cdetect -y 1" on 0x3f. Now, I have to install lcdproc
  4. I have a Rock64 powered by Armbian version 5.60 kernel 4.4.162-rockchip64 Ubuntu Bionic How can I activate i2c0 and i2s0 ports for connecting a 16x2 characters LCD display like 1602LCD and a PCM5102 DAC ? I'm trying armbian-config and I'm reading but I'm getting no help. Thanks for advance.
  5. Hello, Each time I'm booting the Rock64, it starts on Jan, 21 of 2016 but the filesystem has a superblock on Jan,28 of 2018, so in the future. It's inconsistant and the filesystem is checking each time and I'm waiting a few seconds. How can I avoid this trouble ? Here is the screen shot of logs through the tty/usb console. I'm booting from the spi flash and a sd-card with Ubuntu 18.04.1.
  6. @t3l3m4k0, That's working I have not this trouble with my Bananapi. Thanks a lot
  7. Hello, I download Ubuntu Trusty for my orangepi PC. It's working fine. But the pointer for the mouse on the desktop is missing. And with command line (Alt-F1), the last line is under the screen. How to fix these two poins ? Regards