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  1. And now I remember that you can connect via ttl serial with a pl2303 converter.
  2. Well, I forgot that detail. 0:) My opizero is connected and old TV with the expansion board. I suggest to log in blind, set a real simple password as 1234 and then log in via ssh and set a real password.
  3. try to log in via keyboard, not ssh.
  4. The file is /etc/shadow, there will be lines like: user:asdfasdfasdf$$$$asdfasdfasdfsadfasdf::17178:0:98899:7::: anotheruser:asdfasdfasdf$$$$asdfasdfasdfsadfasdf::17178:0:98899:7::: systemd-timesync:*:17199:0:94499:7::: systemd-bus-proxy:*:17199:0:94449:7::: messagebus:*:17199:0:93459:7::: ntp:*:17199:0:23499:7::: (...) You must remove the second field as: user::17178:0:98899:7::: Then boot, press enter on prompt for password and once login in, change password with passwd. Make a copy in case things go south.
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