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  1. please try adding : sudo apt install dbus-user-session and then try running firefox or chromium installed from snap again
  2. test this img for now . I built it on a standalone builder. we are working on new builder bugs
  3. the version you are running is mosy likly the 4.4 and we have updated to 4.9 . I hope to have a new nightly build for you to test. as in 4.8 this but is fixed
  4. hey there we have a i3-wm build you can help refine now ... Ping me in the irc armbian-devel channel and I will make shure you get access
  5. please review boot screen . buster boots fine on neo3 . I used a 32gig sd SanDisk Black/Red
  6. I am working to figure out the dde issue if i can fix 15.xfor unbuntu 20.04 I will get it out the new deepin 20 will come out when they finish porting pkgs for hirsute. I will put in some time this week to see what I can do with dde and give feed back Please do us a big favor. make a check list of whats working and whats not working. but keep it pointed at the issue . Like: issue 1:press icon nothing launches. (icon name ) > so that then we can review the issue. make a liost after 2 to 3 days of testing. Thaanks alot..
  7. so it looks like tthe ep outputs where not in the dtb and dp was disabled in the dtb I have been looking into the pinebookpro and the t4 do see what was diff in the dtb/dts and found a few things I am testing
  8. Desttops tested and issues Budgie: docker > plank missing tilix crashes Desktop Background Cinnamon: Desktop Background Docker > docky missing changing Desktop Background (img group moonlight ) crashes background selector No AutoLogin on first x run DDE: Must Disable Windows effects No AutoLogin on first x run Enlightment: Desktop Background missing DM > lightdm not installed mixer not working Gnome3: KDE: LXDE: Desktop Backgroud No AutoLogin on first x run LXQT: crashes unuseable currently Mate: Desktop Background No AutoLogin on first x run Pithos fails to run with no error output XFCE: No Issue Missing new optional dockerbarx
  9. I would like to propose locking root out of ssh as its a security risk .. it should be ssh -> user login --.> sudo su --> sudo password. this would keep the chances of people hacking into root accounts via ssh. Most disrtos already do this.
  10. Currently this script was writen to work with the eDP1 lcd screen for the Nanopc T4 but it can be adapted for all boards.
  11. I need input on the differant touchscreen and screen types to make the changes to the to the Monitor ans Screen Sections for the Identifer & Monitor settings. This script allows the rotation of Xorg 90 180 270 and default 0 rotation. Iit also backs up the default config files so you can manual reset the screen if needed.
  12. The latest img for the nanopi-duo the h2+ overlays for i2c, spi,1wire are missing . seems the build has some issues.... I cant load up the parts I need for testing.
  13. It seems the nanopi core/core2 now have 8/16/32 emmc options and the nanopi neo/neo2 images dont have emmc support in them . We need to get emmc support added . the plus2 will not boot the core2 . it locks up .
  14. I have the board and have tried starting work on it. but the dtb src seems to be a issue