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  1. Hello All, I was wondering if I could get some help with this project This is a tool to do structured light 3d scans with a webcam and a projector. Currently the only way that I found to do this is with $1000+ commercial scanner. John De Witt is just a single developer and I am just a tester with limited skills. I currently have the tools compiling now on a s905x box with Armbian on it. I have compiled the tools but i am struggling with helping on the coding part and relaying information effectively and getting them to run properly on other hardware. This tool would bring structured light 3d scanning down to an acceptable price point for a hobbyist.
  2. I had one do that as well until i changed my usb cable. I used a shorter one and it resolved the issue
  3. Thank you so much for the feedback. This is for an article I am writing and will update and make it easier with full instructions. Also one for s905x box. Did you find wifi dropping periodically. I think I might have got a bad board. I will setup avahi as well. Thank yoy Also sorry for ling time between reply. I didn't have notifications setup properly
  4. Sorry guys thanks for the reply. No Cura Engine on this build. It is really old so didnt see the need Camera does work. Dont recommend opi camera. Not very good. But to use usb camera. First plug in the camera. Go into settings and video adjust the one ip address from to the IP address of your orange PI. Then under power button turn on the webcam Is anyone successfully using this for multiple days?
  5. Can someone please test this img on Orange Pi Lite. 4gb sd card or larger You can use nmtui to connect to wifi Connect to wifi the point browser to port 5000 of the IP address to see if gui starts and doesn't have any issues. http://x.x.x.x:5000 Thank you for your help. login root password octoprint Full instructions here