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  1. I have functional system Angstrom linux (Toradex image) on NAND flash now (with functional u-boot). There is SD-card slot on carrier board - from where I can upload new image of Angstrom with that NAND u-boot ("run setupdate" && "run update" instructions).
  2. I boot from NAND (onboard 4GB eMMC). Yes, my version of u-boot is 2015.04 and kernel is 3.14.28 for Toradex Colibri iMX6DL. I didn't do registration process to get free sample, I bought one for tests and before they can send it - I had to sign a paper from freescale and resend to Toradex (counter terrorist precautions). About business card, I think that they only want to send your name, business premises (address where to send sample), mail contact and maybe some reference (web page). I don't know if I fully understand how to put things together, I can try to do that, but I will need some help to do it - and I would like to try it.
  3. Yes, I have this one and I found that Toradex have on their web device tree for it even with bootloader, but I don't know what to do to get it work -> how to combine this downloaded u-boot and device tree to use it with armbian ...? Thank you
  4. Is there anyone, please, who could help me? I ask only for advice, what I have to change to make hw work, where can I find pins configuration and how to get this pin configuration of colibri-imx6 angstrom image to armbian?
  5. Hi everybody, I'm new here and I would like to ask you for help with make armbian work on other board - Toradex Colibri iMX6DL with freescale iMX6 processor. They already have U-boot & Angstrom linux on NAND (where I would like to get armbian). They have meta-packages and images available for download on their website and I would like to know what is the best way to make it work (to keep their HW configuration)? I like these boards because of good desing and good HW, but this Angstrom linux isn't good... Thank you for every advice