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  1. Hi zador and asterisk-user, I'm running armbian OS (openmediavault 3.76 is actualy made on armbian-5.27). I had difficulties and after search a long time, i find a solution. You need to go on americandroid web site for find: https://forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=6173 They explain all (i will not explain again and bad what they explain allready good), just read it and do it. After doing this, i do install OS image with command dd (the easy way) and don't forget to execute command sync at the end. That works fine directly on this way.
  2. I'm running armbian 5.24 actually on odroid-xu4 with emmc (boot on it and running on it). Actually, the things i done for that was to go on ameridroid web site and find the subject who talk about "recover emmc boot". Then from there, for xu4 device, there is an image to download of android-4, then install it on a micro sd card, then put it with emmc on the odroid, boot and wait for led OFF (one minute around...), then power off, remove emmc, install with dd then armbian image, then put back on odroid, switch jumper on emmc boot, and boot... that's all folks. It works great for me. My image of armbian is very modern (kernel is 4.x...) and is used by openmediavault (kind of easy NAS who can use more than 2TB HDD/partitions, better than max2play who run kodi but can not mount storage device more than 2Tb... for a media station...). Hope that help people to find a solution (try it and tell us).
  3. Hi Igor, I understand that 4.x kernel is something "modern" and maybe not mature. I understand that you have no idea if this is possible or not. Actually, are you interested to help me to try it and see if this is possible ? Maybe by the way to try we can help to add maturity on that armbian version ? But sure, we will add datas/informations on the subject in any result we find. If i knew more on system compilation administration, i should try more, actually, i'm stick on that. Change kernel seems top change many other things... then also have a mature but not so efficient NAS, with old quota, old smartd, old NFS server... and many things outdated (but mature) and systemd service failed, with secure problems, etc... if not, why kernel evolution exist ? Maybe it goes too quick in term of evolution, but that is an other subject and resolve nothing to talk about that. I would prefer to find someone happy to try to help and make maturity on that armbian version with this kernel version. thank you for your help and hope you will be interested to try to resolve. Hope you will be this one (and some other). i think it should maybe not be so difficult for someone who know kodi better (who know ?), because it compile and has no error, maybe just a problem for tell kodi where is the screen device ? I don't know how to impulse a motivation for try to help me on this story, tell me...
  4. armbian 5.27 used by openmediavault version 3. I do install kodi from packages (and libcecv3 dependancies). So i think it is ok, kodi is installed. At running time, no crash, kodi open on UI session (from lxde desktop under openbox windows manager), but black screen (error log only show that there is no device monitor found (why ?). From there, i don't know what i'm supposed to know/do. I'm searching for an help on that and i see an old post (more than one year) has never been answered, but the post talk about uncompiled kodi... here kodi is well compiled (wel... i suppose, not sure). please, could you try to help on that ? Maybe someone here allready know and do that, it's time for share, it lakes of information on that.
  5. one year (and more) after, your question stay without any answer. This day, i ask the same question, because i'm on your same problem to not be able to make running kodi. From OMV3 construct on ArmBian 5.27, with a odroid-xu4, i arrived to install kodi packages, but at run time, black screen and problem for find monitor device. log file doesn't tell more than this, so maybe it should be work because of ability to compil, but i not find to resolve how to see something more than black screen. I do run it from tty console, and i do install xorg, then xdm and lxde for make it running from there... black screen same... Maybe someone who know and want to share knowledge should help on that point ? thank you very much.
  6. Hi Igor and hippie, One year after, no more news ? Does it mean that you failed definitly to install and make running kodi ? or does it mean that you doesn't share how to do it ? If someone arrive to make it running, please tell us how to do that please. I'm on odroid-xu4 and have a armbian os (omv3 on it) and i can install from packages (apt-get) kodi, but it doesn't run (i installed lxde, xorg, xdm for see if something more happen... nothing more...). My log file tell me that it doesn't find any display (GLX Error: No display found), and also talk about pulseaudio (but said it doesn't run... and that's good, because pulseaudio is so heavy killer arm things...) It also talk about invalid args on bus for CanSuspend. I hope someone know more than me and arrived to make running kodi on armbian and will tell me how to do that (and other users who failed) how to do (please... share, don't be afraid/lazy to share your knowledge). If need more information, please, ask. kernel is 4.9.28-odroidxu4 from openmediavault and running with armbian distro.
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