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  1. Ha, ha, I generally don't do that or the original report would have included this recommendation to actually see gl4es in action: LIBGL_FB=3 glxgears Still, apart from the wrong permissions, Mali X11/EGL doesn't work as reported, but at least now I understand the setup - only the framebuffer driver is available. I'll report the broken FB display to the author, maybe it can be fixed.
  2. Hi everyone, It seems Mali EGL X11 support is broken, here are the steps to reproduce the defect: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils cmake xorg-dev git clone --depth 1 cd gl4es cmake . -DODROID=1; make GL -j4 export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib glxgears Exporting `LIBGL_FB=1` (2, 3) doesn't help either. The same allegedly works on Odroid C2 so there's no reason it shouldn't be made to work on S905 boxes as well. Any suggestions where the `eglInitialize` failure is coming from?