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  1. Good day, for my Orangepi PC+ I installed Armbian Ubuntu Jammy on a µSD card. Up until Armbian Ubuntu Strech I was able to use a PCM510A for sound output. The settings for this were easy. With all updated OS after Strech, I can't install the PCM. Unfortunately, the help that was published in the forum wasn't helpful or I couldn't take it over. On the eMMC I have installed Armbian5.59 Orangepipcplus Ubuntu xenial default 3.4.113 desktop. Because of the advanced age of this OS, there are no updates and upgrades. Luckily my internet radio still works. Can someone explain to me how I can install the PCM510A at Jammy? Kind regards hajupiko49
  2. Good day friends, For some time now I've been trying a DAC (dac-pcm5102mk-i2s) with the Orangepi Pc Plus OS "Debian Stretch with Armbian Linux 4.19.62-sunxi" to put into operation. Unfortunately without success so far. On another Orangepi Pc Plus with Ubuntu Xenial with Armbian Linux 3.4.113-sun8i I activated the DAC after the tutorial I2S on Orange Pi H3 Da Alchemist February 29, 2016. It works fine there. Debin strech does not have a script.bin that I could convert in order to be able to make the settings. I would be happy if someone could help me. Best regards Hans-Jürgen Grigoleit
  3. The translation was done by Google Hello friends, my hardware: Orangepi pc plus dac-pcm5102mk-i2s. 3.5 "touch display So far I have the system in eMMC (ARMBIAN 5.60 stable Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS 3.4.113-sun8i) and optionally on 16GB uSD card (ARMBIAN Debian GNU / Linux 8 (jessie) 3.4.113-sun8i). In both cases, an xfce desktop is installed. The setup of the DAC I have after the tutorial I2S on Orange Pi H3 by Da Alchemist, February 29, 2016 in both Debian 8 and Ubuntu 16.04. Works well. I installed the display after the hints from How to use Touchscreen + LCD on H3 devices by kutysam, July 31, 2017. It claps with the display of the desktop, but the touch and mouse do not match. With a USB mouse it works, but not permanently. The ad hangs after a few mouse clicks. Now I have tested times times Armbian_5.65_Orangepipcplus_Ubuntu_bionic_next_4.14.78 or Armbian_5.65_Orangepipcplus_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.78.img ever written on a 16GB uSD and tried the device. Unfortunately I did not find the script.bin anymore. The same applies to Debian 9 too. Therefore, I get no sound from the DAC. In addition, I have also connected the display according to the above instructions. However, the display shows the console after booting. What can I do to at least get the same functionality as the older systems? Even better would be a working touch function. Yours sincerely hajupiko49
  4. Herzlichen Dank für den Ratschlag, nun kann ich wieder meine ssh Verbindung nutzen. Nach einem Neustart war es wieder wie zuvor mit der Fehlermeldung. Nach der erneuten Eingabe der Befehlsfolge stand die SSH Verbindung wieder. Da mir das zu umständlich ist, habe ich die zwei Zeilen in meine rc.local eingefügt. Nun kann ich die SSH Verbindung auch nach einem Neustart sofort verwenden. Damit entfällt eine Neuinstallation des Systems was mir auch sehr angenehm ist. Ich habe ja einen Tag zu arbeiten um alle Programme wieder im eMMC zu haben. Mit freundlichen Grüßen hajupiko49 Thanks for the advice, now I can use my ssh connection again. After a restart, it was again as before with the error message. After re-entering the command sequence, the SSH connection was restored. Since this is too complicated for me, I have inserted the two lines into my rc.local. Now I can use the SSH connection immediately after a reboot. This eliminates a reinstallation of the system which is also very pleasant to me. I have one day to work to have all programs back in the eMMC. Yours sincerely hajupiko49
  5. I ask for help! First of all, I do not speak English and have had the translation done by google. My hardware = orangepipcplus, my system is Armbian_5.59_Orangepipcplus_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113_desktop. The system is loaded in the eMMC. After a firmware update & upgrade (from armbian-config) or also sudo apt update & upgrade, it is no longer possible to connect via SSH from the WIN7 computer to the OPI. I have made several attempts. It's always the same. The connection to the network is rejected. The connection via XRDP is still possible. What can I do to reuse the SSH connection after the update & upgrade? Yours sincerely hajupiko49
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