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  1. Hey Zimme, I had something similar. I have the NanoPi K2, and I had exactly this problem with the eth0. But, also playing around, I installed the Armbian_21.05.0-trunk.70_Nanopik2-s905_hirsute_edge_5.11.11.img , was not working as expected, and I decide to give it a try to Debian Armbian_21.02.3_Nanopik2-s905_buster_current_5.10.21.img , and suddendly, the eth0 was there, working almost perfect. I did some updates, and bla bla, and because I fucked up with users and other things, I decide to flash it again and start from scratch, now that the eth0 is working... and again... not workin
  2. Hi everyone, I'm kind new on linux, but I have some idea. I was running before another linux distribution and ethernet was working. Today I changed the SD because last one was not working fine, and I decided to installed the new armbian images. Wifi worked perfect, but I can't get eth0 working. When I try to activate it from ntmui, is showing this: Some info here: nanopik2:~:% sudo ethtool eth0 Settings for eth0: Cannot get device settings: Device or resource busy Cannot get wake-on-lan settings: Device or resource busy Cannot get message level: Device or resource busy
  3. @nanopik2:~$ openssl speed -elapsed -evp aes-256-cbc You have chosen to measure elapsed time instead of user CPU time. Doing aes-256-cbc for 3s on 16 size blocks: 6920898 aes-256-cbc's in 3.00s Doing aes-256-cbc for 3s on 64 size blocks: 1902190 aes-256-cbc's in 3.00s Doing aes-256-cbc for 3s on 256 size blocks: 492602 aes-256-cbc's in 3.00s Doing aes-256-cbc for 3s on 1024 size blocks: 124238 aes-256-cbc's in 3.00s Doing aes-256-cbc for 3s on 8192 size blocks: 15578 aes-256-cbc's in 3.00s OpenSSL 1.0.2g 1 Mar 2016 built on: reproducible build, date unspecified options:bn(64
  4. That´s a pity. Anyway... I´m having another issue. I installed transmissionbt and I have a 1tb WD connected to download torrents (ext4). I was using with libreelec without any kind of issues, but when I change to this distro, and the download speed go over 1mb the system crash and I need to reboot manually disconnecting the power. As I say before, I was downloading at 20mb with libre elec without issues, but now, I can´t. Any advice? Thanks Muadiv
  5. Hi, I´m using the last armbian image () and I see that the system is using Memory usage: 9 % of 844MB , when the device has 2gb of ram. How can I make the system use the full memory for the nanopik2 ? Thanks in advance. Muadiv.
  6. I will try today and let you know. Not sure how to do all of the steps (really new in this), but I will try. Any another advice will be great Thanks !
  7. Hi ! What you did for have the wifi working? And how you can improve the resolution? I have only 1024*768. Thanks in advance. Muadiv.