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  1. Awesome, we'll see how it all progresses. Thanks for the link and info!
  2. Do most or all of these developments apply to the OPi Plus 2 as well since it is also using the H3? I was looking at picking one up but then I saw the support wasn't fully there, but if it's coming that may be a board I pick up to test in setup/play with.
  3. To add on, I also think ARM is a good look as to where we are headed in the future when it comes to servers. It's also somewhat fun to play with them.
  4. I had been trying to stay away from building a full on server because I know if I do I'll go overboard and spend way to much lol. As for the hummingboard it's not out of the realm of my price range, maybe not this month, but certainly something to look at in the new year. My stuff would be network dependant a bit, Docker communicates with all the Pis almost constantly and then the normal network traffic to and from them. I've never really gotten a good gauge for if there was ever a real issue at 100Mbps, but it hasn't been noticeable yet. I've tried to minimize all external factors by buyi
  5. Fair enough, I might buy a ODROID-XU4 to play with instead of a BPi. It's sad to see chip makers making it hard to do cool things with their hardware, and then groups doing as you said. As for the LattePanda, I get your points. Personally I don't foresee me using many USB devices on it (or any really) so I think I'll keep my KS backing of it even though as a new toy and in the hope it shows there's interest in the idea of x86 in a form factor like RPi. We'll see about it, if anything it'll be a neat toy to add. Is there a device on the armbian list that is technically more powerful tha
  6. I seem to have answered one of my questions, the UX4 has eMMC modules that have XUbuntu pre-installed, alternatively there's an Android version as well.
  7. I love working with these boards because they're generally pretty quiet and low power consumption, but hopefully we can start seeing some of the more powerful chips being used. What do you think the timeline is on the Banana Pi M3 being usable and/or supported by armbian? That seems like something neat with the Exnyos processor. Also do you see armbian supporting the XU4 (or is there something like armbian/raspbian for it already), or would you just use ARM Ubuntu/Debian? Also I know this isn't ARM related but did you see the LattePanda? It's based on an Intel processor but doesn't seem to
  8. A majority of my development is in Node, Java, Ruby, and eventually 3. I haven't run RPi-Monitor but I'll be installing it as soon as I have time (the next few days are busy for me) so maybe I can find the choking point. The underlying OS to my knowledge of the hypriot image is Raspbian, and to my current knowledge that isn't the most optimized, so then you put Docker on top of it and I can only assume it's not the best. Your link is one I missed, and it is interesting. I think the CPU is fine, my error logs state that the containers are running out of memory so hopefully I can see
  9. Hello all, After reading the Pine forums and having @tkaiser point out a few things I overlooked and/or missed I figured this might be a good place to ask a question that I've been trying to find the answer to. Please note that I'm not much of a hardware guy, I know the basics, enough to be dangerous. I am primarily a web applications developer and I use Raspberry Pis currently as testbeds for my server code. How do I accomplish this? Well I have (currently) a 7 Pi docker swarm based on hypriot's swarm image (I think it's a really cool package). Now for my question: I've been fine on C