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  1. That's sound encouraging ! I'm volunteer to become Beta tester :-)
  2. Oh ! No ! If you wish to provide power to OPi-PC from this USB 5V output wire, it won't provide enough current !!!
  3. In the above picture, the cable is shown as pin2=5V and pin6=GND, which is match the header pinout. (I presume that the barrel connector is directly connected to those pin too)
  4. Reading the thread you provide, it is clear that the PC is out of stock but not discontinued. It will be back in stock after Chinese holiday !
  5. In the mean time, networking can be workarounded using USB-Wifi dongle, such as RTL8188.
  6. @tkaiser, do you mean you took Igor's image and replace the .dtb, reboot and perform USB benchmark tests using Serial ? Oaw ! That is a good begining ! Since I'm currently using Loboris kernel, and there is no .dtb currently used, which one is needed for H3 ? can you share yours ?
  7. Then, hoping that Maxime Ripard and Hans de Goede will work hard during Christmas holidays. If USB and Serial are working, they should put enphasis on the Network. (Maybe I will give it a try soon)
  8. Hi Igor, (I'm using your images on my Olimex A20 since months. Thanks !) What do you means by "Not ready for anything" ? Do you means a lot of drivers missing ? Is the kernel at least is booting ?
  9. BTW, TKaiser, do you have any comment on this thread :
  10. Although I felt that my boards were stable by only reducing frequency, I want to thank you for your script since it is so easy to execute.
  11. For the AC-DC Power Supply with 1.7mm Barrel, you can find cheap ones on eBay, 5VDC 2A, around US$3.00 each. If you don't want to tweak the "dvfs" table yourself, you can also run a simple script at boot up which reduce the CPU frequency. I've done that on my to OrangePi-PC, and there are stable since several weeks. So, I've decide to order some more :-)
  12. Trying to follow the news about Mainline Kernel for H3, I've seen a lot activites from MRipard and Hans de Goede recently. Hoping this will happen soon ! Anybody know in more details what remain to be done ?