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  1. Did you rebooted after adding "spi-jedec-nor" overlay ? Doing "cat /proc/mtd" command, is it reporting the presence of SPI partitions ?
  2. My "delete" commit was due to duplicate nodes already present in @megous branch, but I didn't check if his commits was coming from mainstream and were healthy ... It maybe not only DT issue, but from thermal driver, see here activities in his branch :
  3. I think you will save a lot of time if you restart from scratch : fresh SD image, make sure you add "spi-jedec-nor" overlay, and then reboot before doing a new "nand-sata-install" with "Boot from SPI, RootFS on USB".
  4. I've some OPiPC+ that still at RC3, and the bug is not present, while some other with RC6, the issue is there ... So, maybe @megous has committed something related to that ...
  5. This means your /boot directory of your USB drive is empty ... Copy the /boot from SDCard into the USB drive and tweak the /boot/armbianEnv.txt of this USB copy so that "rootdev" is pointing to proper UUID found by "blkid". EDIT: The issue of having empty /boot on USB is probably due to the fact that when you've ran the "nand-sata-install" you choose "boot from SD with USB rootfs". If you have added "spi-jedec-nor" overlay, "nand-sata-install" would have show you an additional option named "boot from SPI with USB rootfs", which would not caused the issue.
  6. I've 2x OPiZero booting from USB without issue ! I don't see where your setup is choking, but I would recommend to check it step by step : - stop U-Boot for getting command prompt. - do "usb start" for the scanning. - check your USB boot partition with "ls usb 0 /boot" to verify that everything is present. - finally, try to boot using "run usb_boot"
  7. It is not "fsk" but "fsck" ...
  8. No, I've an M2U and don't have the issue, as I've said it is probably that yours has a defective AP6212. You can avoid DTB updates using "apt-mark hold linux-dtb-dev-meson64_5.94_arm64.deb" for example.
  9. In the pull request, you mentioned : That is probably the reason ... My OPi3 is powered using the barrel connector with PSU 3.0A, never got any issue. It is well know, and also mentioned in a lot of posts on Armbian forum, that MicroUSB connector itself produce a lot of voltage drop on the contacts themselves when huge current is present, even if PSU is strong enough, you can see a 5.0V dropping around 4.5V on board side.
  10. Which commands ? To edit /etc/systemd/resolved.conf ? nano /etc/systemd/resolved.conf
  11. Reading "man resolved.conf" will help you to figure out, /etc/resolved.conf is created during boot using defaults from /etc/systemd/resolved.conf ...