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  1. martinayotte

    One wire DS18B20 on 4.19.13-sunxi

    No worries ! Anyway, I think I found something interesting about overlays fixup scripts ... But this means it will take time to fix and get new build done for download ... For WiFi brcmfmac, please, create a new thread to avoid mixing issues ... EDIT : fixes are there : NEXT : DEV : EDIT2 : BTW, this bug seems to be present since months until now for A10./A13/A20 but not for H3/H5/H6, probably just because there are not a lots of overlays users on those platforms, and we didn't get any feedback about it, probably present since more than 8 months ...
  2. martinayotte

    One wire DS18B20 on 4.19.13-sunxi

    As you can see here, it is a bit better ... But those look bad and probably the issue ... I've never seen such error ... I will dig more this issue ...
  3. martinayotte

    One wire DS18B20 on 4.19.13-sunxi

    Please, let isolate the issue : don't do any update/upgrade, simply check the u-boot on freshly burned image to see if you have same issue. And please, tell us if /boot/boot.scr was there in your previous attempt ...
  4. martinayotte

    One wire DS18B20 on 4.19.13-sunxi

    Weird !!! I don't see even any read for "Boot script loaded from mmc", neither for /boot/armbianEnv.txt or DT file here. and even less for overlays ... Since it is an upgrade that you have done, could you try a "virgin" image on new SDCard instead ? EDIT : On your updated card, can you do a "ls -l /boot", I bet the boot.src isn't there at all ... EDIT2 : @Igor Is that possible that u-boot update is deleting the boot.src but doesn't write new one ?
  5. Right ! EDIT : for hacking :
  6. martinayotte

    Improve 'Support over Forum' situation

    I don't have any ...
  7. I don't have any Odroid, so what is the difference with their debug serial port ? EDIT : I've just looked at the C1+ schematic, and serial seems to be as simple as usual ...
  8. martinayotte

    Baudrate supported by RK3399

    I don't think it is worth the effort, what would be the gain ? ...
  9. martinayotte

    testers wanted Testers wanted: sunxi Device Tree overlays

    As I said in the other thread, it is not the kernel that manage those DT parameters, it is u-boot responsible to load them, so, we need to see in early u-boot log (before kernel started) if the fixup.scr apply succeeded or not . You need USB-TTL Serial dongle to watch those early logs ...
  10. martinayotte

    One wire DS18B20 on 4.19.13-sunxi

    Not "dmesg", this is only kernel logs ... You need to grab u-boot log using USB-TTL Serial dongle, way before kernel start booting. Something like :
  11. If you don't mind slow shipping, less than $1 from China thru eBay :
  12. martinayotte

    One wire DS18B20 on 4.19.13-sunxi

    Was there some kind of error message during u-boot fixup.scr ?
  13. If you purchase one, they are so cheap, it will help a lot ...
  14. martinayotte

    Clearfogpro : lost PCIe sata card after update

    First, stop u-boot during startup with spacebar, and then check "printenv" to see what is the value of "fdtfile". If it is the wrong DT file, you can change it by overwritting "fdtfile" in /boot/armbianEnv.txt ...