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  1. All unused GPIOs are defaulted as normal GPIO, no needs to tweak DT. And they can be tested easily using /sys/class/gpio ...
  2. Forum upgrade

    Searching "La Patate" on Google is showing several restaurants who serve some "poutine" ...
  3. sensor gpio

    Yes ! OneWire is using UniqueID, so sensors won't answer to "discovery" function call at the same time, avoiding slave's answers collisions.
  4. Forum upgrade

    Yes ! Been a french/quebecois guy myself, it could also been named "La Patate".
  5. Since you're using a Legacy kernel, I2C port needs to be enabled in FEX file, meaning that you need to decompile /boot/script.bin into /boot/script.fex, edit it to enable I2C port, then recompile it into /boot/script.bin, assuming that you've created a backup first as /boot/script.bin-bak.
  6. sensor gpio

    OneWire support multiple sensors on a single bus, so, there is no needs to have a second bus, simply place sensors in parallel ...
  7. Does anyone sell an Orange Pi Plus 2 or 2E?

    Yes, that is what I presumed ... But if they felt that shortage would last too long, they should have choose a substitute and tweak PCB accordingly.
  8. Does anyone sell an Orange Pi Plus 2 or 2E?

    Unfortunately, they are saying that since months... I don't know which parts are in shortage.
  9. GPIO Buttons does not work

    BTW, you have an ampersand missing : nohup python /home/orangepi/scripts/ > /tmp/botones.log 2>&1 & And you don't have any /tmp/botones.log created ? Strange ! Add some print() in the python script ... Try also to change the first line from " #!/usr/bin/env python" to " #!/usr/bin/python"
  10. GPIO Buttons does not work

    If it is running fine at the command line, I don't see why it is not running in /etc/rc.local ... try adding " > /tmp/botones.log 2>&1" before the ampersand, maybe this log will provide you hints !
  11. GPIO Buttons does not work

    You need to add a "time.sleep(0.1)" in your "while" loop ...
  12. Flash Bootload on STM32 from Orange Pi Zero UART0?

    Working with /sys/kernel/config/device-tree/overlays are volatile commands. Doing a "reboot" after is completely useless ! If you wish the overlays been present at boot time, either doing the /sys/kernel/config/device-tree/overlays above commands in /etc/rc.local or enable then in u-boot using "overlays=uart1" in /boot/armbianEnv.txt
  13. Nano Pi Neo Air Gpio

    I'm not following you : If you're talking about Pin17 of the header, it is a 3.3V output, not a input for 5V Power. Connecting that to 5V could destroy the board. The 5V Input is on Pin2 and Pin4.
  14. You're right the Windows package doesn't have the "usbipd" daemon. But you've said "what i need is client side usb device talking to native windows application", this means your USB devices are on SoC board side and you wish to have Windows accessing those device, Right ? In such case the "usbipd" daemon is on Linux side and the "usbip" client provided by the Windows package will give you access to them. If you wish the other way around, I think you will be forced to use commercial solutions. EDIT : This seems to be a freeware version :