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  1. martinayotte's post in Console output while booting was marked as the answer   
    BTW, recompiling /boot/boot.scr is only needed after changes to /boot/boot.cmd. Changes to /boot/armbianEnv.txt doesn't requires recompiling.
  2. martinayotte's post in [SOLVED] [Orange Pi with A20 CPU]: Booting from SATA - mSD still boots was marked as the answer   
    UUID in /boot/armbianEnv.txt ? Yes ! on the line "rootdev=" which is passed as kernel argument.
  3. martinayotte's post in Missing Battery Infos was marked as the answer   
    From what I understood, Mainline has different folder hierarchy.
    Check those :
  4. martinayotte's post in A20 hardware level was marked as the answer   
    Starting to do Bare Metal programming isn't a easy task ...
    You will need to learn a tons of things, you need to start here : http://linux-sunxi.org/A20
    Then here : http://linux-sunxi.org/EGON and http://linux-sunxi.org/BROM
    Good luck !
  5. martinayotte's post in USB doesnt work with Strecht or Bionic, but fine with Wheezy was marked as the answer   
    Some people faced similar behavior several months ago, but they figured that either doing "lssub -vvv" and/or plugging another USB devices first would workaround the issue, USB doing some kind of waking up.
  6. martinayotte's post in Temperature sensor DS18b20 (dallas 1-wire) easy configuration was marked as the answer   
    Effectively, you seems confused about GPIO pin name.
    It should be simple as "param_w1_pin=PD14" for example.
  7. martinayotte's post in BPI M2 Zero can't get spi to show was marked as the answer   
    You've forgot to define "param_spidev_spi_bus" which is mandatory ...
  8. martinayotte's post in Proper way to test a customized kernel was marked as the answer   
    There is no "special" boot configuration since U-Boot rely on the 3 symbolic links which point to proper Image/uInitrd/dts .
    It is possible, but then you have to manually install every things and create the symbolic links as well as creating uInitrd using "mkimage".
    It is much more easier to use Armbian DEBs ...
  9. martinayotte's post in OrangePi One Plus (H6) - SPI Enabled but not communicating. was marked as the answer   
    After hours of investigation, and after having figured out that SPI for H6 wasn't working since 5.7.x, I've found why : missing SPI pins in DT ...
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