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  1. No, I mean the SBC you used in your "success" message above, where you say you got 850Mbps throughput (with or without NAT btw?).
  2. What sbc did you settle for and which final combination of NICs? Links or it didn't happen
  3. In the EU No, it's an EU thing Edit: didn't finish - but there are variations depending on each country. Here in Spain, over 22€ you have to pay VAT + handling charges (IIRC 20 or so €), over 150€ you have to pay VAT + customs duties + handling charges. Less that 22€ you pay nothing (in theory). But many parcels pass through customs with no charges (they cannot control everything).
  4. Thank you, I knew it was me being stupid Edit doubly stupid: I commented that source myself from /etc/apt/sources.list when I saw the rest of the sources giving me 404
  5. I understand that, but at least they could have archived the latest security updates (or I'm just stupid and cannot find them.....for wheezy).
  6. I'm using the gc2035 camera and had no problem with the csi connector during the ~1.5 years it has been in service.
  7. And the noise (some comments say it's loud, some say it's quiet )
  8. Instead of the two backticks you can use $(), i.e. instead of `uname -r' you can use $(uname -r)
  9. I'm using armbian 5.73 (actually I reached that after various apt-get upgrade, I started with whatever image was available at the time), xenial, legacy kernel and I have no network problems, ssh or otherwise, (though I'm using exclusively wired ethernet).
  10. I didn't open the box (yet ), I'm happy enough with libreelec, though I'd like a real linux system to tinker with, but consider that I have less and less time to tinker
  11. Is it this one? https://github.com/150balbes/Amlogic_s905-kernel/blob/master/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/meson-gxl-s905d-ki-pro.dts if so it seems it just adds the dvb hardware to meson-gxl-s905d-p230 and that didn't work when I tried it, so I doubt it will work but I'd be delighted to be proven wrong.
  12. the dtb you mention are only available for kernel 3.14, they won't work for any later kernel
  13. Because there is no dtb that works for the KI pro. The dtb for 3.14 cannot be used since the format changed.
  14. @erbas I didn't pursue this further. I'm currently running libreelec but with kernel 3.14, as it seems nobody has a working dtb for newer kernels and I'm not able to write one. With libreelec the dvb driver more or less works but worse than under android (with android I can tune both dvb-s/s2 muxes as well as dvb-t, with libreelec I have more difficulty tuning some dvb-s/s2 muxes and cannot tune dvb-t at all). Perhaps later I'll try armbian again on this box, but for the time being libreelec it is.
  15. Just found this thread that explains the problem and the possible solutions