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  1. See: it's a sign you have to write a kernel driver for the gc2035 (just kidding).
  2. Today unattended-upgrades warned me that hostapd was on hold: Unattended upgrade returned: True Packages that were upgraded: Packages with upgradable origin but kept back: Armbian xenial: hostapd I checked and it's because it depends on libssl1.1 >= 1.1.1 which isn't available The following packages have unmet dependencies: hostapd : Depends: libssl1.1 (>= 1.1.1) but it is not installable E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages. The package comes from armbian's repository (ubuntu has an older version) $ apt-cache policy hostapd hostapd: Installed: 3:2.7-99~armbian5.73+1 Candidate: 3:2.9-100~armbian20.05.0-trunk+1 Version table: 3:2.9-100~armbian20.05.0-trunk+1 500 500 http://apt.armbian.com xenial/main armhf Packages *** 3:2.7-99~armbian5.73+1 100 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status 1:2.4-0ubuntu6.6 500 500 http://ports.ubuntu.com xenial-security/universe armhf Packages 500 http://ports.ubuntu.com xenial-updates/universe armhf Packages 1:2.4-0ubuntu6 500 500 http://ports.ubuntu.com xenial/universe armhf Packages I don't use or need it (I suppose it was installed by default in the original image) but I thought to report it anyway.
  3. Well, if you manage to get that (the gc2035) working it will make my day
  4. Thank you. Well, if I have to replace the gc2035 with an ov56xx I could as well replace it with an usb webcam. For the time being I'll keep using the legacy kernel.
  5. I still use OPi.GPIO and it works fine for non root users with the proper udev rules. When I started using it I had to patch it to delay opening the files (the udev rules take some time to apply), but now it does it itself (it checks that the file is accessible before giving up).
  6. There are no drivers for the camera in mainline kernel. You have to use a version based on a legacy kernel (https://dl.armbian.com/orangepilite/Ubuntu_xenial_default_desktop.7z). I don't know the progress in mainline regarding gc2035. Edit: looking at the table here I see that the csi driver has been mainlined in kernel 5.0. Without that the camera cannot work. What I don't know is if the gc2035 driver is available in 5.0
  7. The "gpio" there is an uboot command, not a linux one, so "set" is correct. I cannot help on the correct gpio to set for your board, mine is an opi pc.
  8. Well, if you look earlier in the thread, I solved the problem by activating the gpio in uboot (and even then the pin could be different depending on the board). I never managed to make it work using sunxi-pio (though I never really tried).
  9. I think you have to activate the gpio before loading the modules
  10. No, I mean the SBC you used in your "success" message above, where you say you got 850Mbps throughput (with or without NAT btw?).
  11. What sbc did you settle for and which final combination of NICs? Links or it didn't happen
  12. In the EU No, it's an EU thing Edit: didn't finish - but there are variations depending on each country. Here in Spain, over 22€ you have to pay VAT + handling charges (IIRC 20 or so €), over 150€ you have to pay VAT + customs duties + handling charges. Less that 22€ you pay nothing (in theory). But many parcels pass through customs with no charges (they cannot control everything).
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