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  1. I have a style-A case on my R2S, and the device idles at ~50c. It works better if you can slightly shim the fan up away from the case, as their design has the fan blowing directly against a flat metal heatsink with no exit route for the air. I'd note that that tiny fan is very noisy.
  2. Numbers look not far from where I am now. R2S says 64c, Cheap IR thermometer on the underside of the PCB gives me 48-50c, thumb says "ouch", and I can't get a reliable reading off the heatsink. Temp here is 30c ambient
  3. Looks it's reacting correctly compared to the settings it's being fed. james@r2s:~$ cat /etc/default/cpufrequtils ENABLE=true MIN_SPEED=600000 MAX_SPEED=1390000 GOVERNOR=ondemand james@r2s:~$ cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor ondemand ondemand ondemand ondemand
  4. Idle temps drop by ~10c without the enclosure. No issues with connections between the heatsink and the cpu. No enclosure, thermal pad: _ _ _ ____ ____ ____ | \ | | __ _ _ __ ___ _ __ (_) | _ \|___ \/ ___| | \| |/ _` | '_ \ / _ \| '_ \| | | |_) | __) \___ \ | |\ | (_| | | | | (_) | |_) | | | _ < / __/ ___) | |_| \_|\__,_|_| |_|\___/| .__/|_| |_| \_\_____|____/ |_| Welcome to Armbian Bionic with Linux 5.4.45-rockchip64 System load: 0.00 0.00 0.00 Up time: 33 min Memory usage: 17 % of 472MB IP:
  5. I'm seeing similar results on my unit, although mine throttled a bit further (816 MHz @15 minutes) if you leave it running. In that little case with token ventilation holes, there's just nowhere for the heat to go. I'll retest tonight without the case.
  6. My mistake. I saw messages about an updated driver but thought it hadn't made it into the releases yet.
  7. Last I checked, wifi on the Zero was disabled by default due to quality issues (I did see some recent patches for it on github, but I don't _think_ armbian has them up) I've had decent luck with the FriendlyArm stuff. If you only need wifi, then take a look at the NanoPi duo 2
  8. I had a similar problem on one of my boxes. Turns out that Speedtest was at fault. From Ookla: You can get a modern version for your platform from
  9. Thanks, I'll just wait then
  10. Thanks, I made a fresh SD card and no problems for 2 weeks now. Is Stretch / OMV4 still the recommended software, should I be using Buster / OMV5?
  11. Sorry, haven't had a chance to get back to this. My system is running a 3-disk btrfs / raid 5
  12. Oh, definitely reboot. The way I first noticed it was the sound of the fans all spinning up to 100% It's one of the first batch units, so ~2 years now. Current uptime is a few hours since the last failure. ● watchdog.service - watchdog daemon Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/watchdog.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Wed 2020-04-01 02:17:21 HKT; 10h ago Process: 2232 ExecStartPre=/bin/sh -c [ -z "${watchdog_module}" ] || [ "${watchdog_module}" = "none" ] || /sbin/modp Process: 2234 ExecStart=/bi
  13. When I write large files (intermittently) the system will spontaneously reboot. I don't know if it's related, but I've also noticed that often, when copying from windows over to the NAS, the throughput will drop fairly quickly to 0, stay there for a minute or so, and then shoot back up I checked the power supply and it's giving me ~12.5v
  14. Probably, depending on your content type and target device. I did some rudimentary testing with transcoding on the NanoPi M3, and it technically worked. I had stability issues though, so I switched to a small/cheap x86 box that supported hardware transcoding.
  15. Mine arrived a few days ago. Still need to scrounge up an appropriate power supply, fan and hub. Thanks for the heads up, @gounthar!