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  1. OPi zero v1.4 idle conditions TestPoints 1V2S 1.21 3_3V 3.41 1_5V 1.36 with minerd --benchmark 1V2S 1.21 3_3V 3.41 1_5V 1.36 Yes, there is no difference in both conditions. On OPi PC I can see clearly rise in voltage when cpu mined.
  2. I should also note that OPi zero is dissipating heat to nearby components. dram, sdcard holder, wifi chip all are hot. OPi zero dram temperature is 39C at idle conditions. OPi PC dram is 35C at idle conditions.
  3. I tested using DS18B20 connected to arduino. It was quick and very dirty setup. Good to get rough idea. I have ordered infrared thermometer on aliexpress. It is important to note temperature depends on area of package where sensor is in contact. Some contact area gives high temperature. Some gives comparatively lower. I got similar results. On OPi zero v1.4(dram 428, usb off and wifi on) 43C @ 240MHz. 'armbianmonitor -m' gives 60C 65C @ 648/480MHz with 'minerd --benchmark'. armbianmonitor gives 79/80. Lots of cooling states seen on opi-monitor. on OPi PC(dram 624 and ethernet connected) 41C @ 480MHz. 'armbianmonitor -m' gives 38C 71C @ 1200/1296MHz with 'minerd --benchmark'. armbianmonitor gives 75/78. Few cooling states.
  4. This is reply I got from Shenzhen Xunlong Software CO.,Limited aliexpress store It is normal at 45-80degrees. Cause the Zero is a tiny baord. And we have set the dynamic frequency configuration on our offical images. This can help decrease the temp. It will be lower under linux image than the Android image.
  5. I do not have external meter to check temperature. But I can not touch it for more than 3-4 seconds.
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  7. I got OPi zero v1.4 yesterday and it has same problem. I used 2A power, tronsmart usb cable, hdmi/gpu/usb/ethernet are all off. It still remains 61C for 240MHz. Cpuminer takes it to 82-84C at 480MHz for long time.
  8. This is the log link http://sprunge.us/PRDE Somehow usb-wifi dongle is getting detected as 'enx0013ef70247b' and not as 'wlan0'. Last installation, I replaced /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa/* with '/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/glshim/*'. Openarena worked nicely until reboot. Then I started getting 'mali_drm' related errors like mentioned glshim thread.
  9. Yes. This time 'apt-get upgrade' worked fine for me. I am not sure what I did wrong last time. I confirm that after upgrade, 'nand-sata-install' script is not giving above error.
  10. It is from vanilla "Armbian_5.25_Cubieboard_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113_desktop". I did not do "apt-get upgrade" because last time it upgraded kernel to 4.11.
  11. /tmp/nand-sata-install.log shows mkfs.vfat /dev/nand1 fails. ----------------------------------------------- mkfs.vfat: invalid option -- 'q' ----------------------------------------------- I guess "-qF" was added just like what is done for all mkfs.ext4 in the script. Can this be fixed next version? Cubieboard is declared 'end of support' now.