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  1. I have installed latest armbian desktop version. When I try to preview webglsamples.org, it seam that no hardware acceleration is enabled, webgl. Is there possibilty to install webgl support ? I search forum, and did't find nothing about webgl support for A20. No mather wich browser, just need webgl support to show webgl . Thank you!
  2. Hi, I'd like to setup mySql and web server on Banana PI board and sata hard disk. Since I have read from documentation it is possible to boot banana pi board from sd card and system from sata drive,this is prefered boot option. But I can't find any further documentation about this option. Thoes any one know how to move (setup) system to run from hard disk, for purpose mySQl/web server ? Regards ! Mladen
  3. Hi! I have Banana PI and LVDS 5" with touch screen. I installed latest image and folow procedure to enable it: and modify /etc/module to support touch screen, But I find out there is no bananapilcd5.bin in /boot/bin folder. Then I had downloaded banana_pi_5lcd.bin from lemakaer page (https://github.com/LeMaker/fex_configuration/tree/master/bin), and execute above line again (first rename it and put into bin folder). LCD Screen is now working but I have no touch screem Am I missing something ?
  4. RagnerBG, thank you for suggestions. But, as a unexpirienced user I rather stick with "official" images. Also find xfce more interresting than lxde. That's not meant some time in future I will not test it. Tkaiser send me a Armbian_5.05_Bananapipro_Debian_jessie_3.4.110_desktop image. I'm currently testing.... First I noticed taht system not recognize my Dell 1701fp monitor correctly. Resolution is wrong 1980x1080, but native resolution is 1280x1024. Well monitor still show desktop, but threre is no whole right part. I'll adjust this somehow, but though it will some problem for newbe user's like me. I'll make some test as "normal" user and publish it...
  5. Hi tkaiser. Thank you for fast response ! Regarding image I'm not sure is possibel to install banana pi pro files to "simple" banana pi. I downloaded mentioned image from Igor's FTP http://mirror.igorpecovnik.com/ However, I installed all files you suggested and it's work great.... But That is not wnat I ment, sorry. What I ment is to just execute one graphical application without loading desktop. How's that possible ?
  6. Hi! I'm using Banana PI and latest Armbian_5.00_Bananapi_Debian_jessie_3.4.110. SInce it came without xservert and fact that I like to only use board in "kiosk" mode, I should execute only couple of application which use xserver. One is matchbox-keyboad and other is pyQT application. So.... Using apt-cache search xfce I got list of packages for xfce desktop. So I presume i have to install at least: xfce4 - Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment xfconf - utilities for managing settings in Xfce xfwm4 - window manager of the Xfce project xfe - lightweight file manager for X11 Since I'm newbee in linux I'd like to know what I have to installl, just to execute "graphical" application withot whole desktop? Thank you! Mladen
  7. Hi! Armbian_5.04_Bananapipro_Ubuntu_trusty_3.4.110_desktop.... I also try It but It is useless in my case. After instlling it, desktop appear, but whan I click to panel menu, nothing is happend, except all icons on dekstop just blink for a fraction od second. Right click also not working. After a couple of tries ALL icons just disappear, both panel menus and desktop. Even right click not working. I should hard power off system. For a couple of months I am using Armbian_4.5_Bananapi_Debian_jessie_3.4.109 which have a desktop and working very well. So I'll continu using this version. I also preffer Debian Jessy 5.x with desktop if possible. Thank you!
  8. Hello ! Aftert installing new image (Armbian_5.04_Bananapipro_Debian_jessie_3.4.110) onto Banana PI, I can't start desktop, startx command is not recognized. Neither root or normal user. Any idea wha't going on? Regards! Mladen, Herzegovina
  9. I had successfully installed openCV for armbian using instructions from this page: http://www.pyimagesearch.com/2015/10/26/how-to-install-opencv-3-on-raspbian-jessie/ I also highly recommend Adrians's openCV tutorials. happy openCV-ing Mladen