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  1. Starting from kernel version 4.12 I got compiler errors like yours too. You may try a 4.11 build.
  2. For those who think PC2's development is stalled, it's possible to build your own Arch Linux image with custom Linux 4.13rc (using armbian .conf and oldconfig) and u-boot 2017.7. You get a more stable ethernet connection and all of upstream goodness bu still lacking DVFS support.
  3. I did some measurements on both PC (connected to a plastic case wall plug 5V2A rated voltage power supply, actual output voltage is 5.36V), and PC2's (connected to the SMPS mentioned above, actual voltage is 5.40V) from GPIO pins and USB cable ends under load (running stress command): I get exact same 5.36V on bot GPIO pins and USB cable ends on PC I get regulated 5.23V on GPIO pins and 5.23V on USB cable ends on PC2 (5.40V->5.23V) As I use these SBC's for headless server use with no USB device attached to them, haven't encountered to any problem. But you may be right that 5
  4. As far as I can tell, Orange PI's should be supplied with a voltage of 5.4V. I use a metal case Mean Well RS-25-5 and have to fine tune the output to 5.4V. Below, random no booting issues occurs (It suppllies power to four unit of PC2's)