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  1. i was able to get analog audio from the orange pi one (with some soldering of course) and its plugged into my speakers, but the sound quality is poor while using the default mpv player that came with the image. Were is the equalizer so i can change things like frequencies to make more bass or treble? The music sounds flat like from a portable dvd player.
  2. @Igor The screen is rated at 800x480 and 800x480 is an option in h3disp, but when i choose it, that is the image i get. Its at the rotation that its supposed to be at (none). Its really confusing me. Also if i open a window and then close it, it kinda stays there like a water mark but goes away after about 1 min or so. Refresh rate maybe?
  3. Ok first, im new to linux, i am moving from windows and becoming a linux user. (trying to learn linux) So i used the command- sudo h3disp -m 800x480 -d It is the correct resolution for the lcd but idk what exactly is going on with my display, it works but the screen is chopped off. im not sure what to do Im using an orange pi one and latest armbian desktop image from the armbian download page