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  1. I'm trying to get a smaller LCD working on my Win Plus (again, I had it before but was on Jessie I think, old at least). You need to use the BCM numbers from gpio readall and map to the physical pins the seller usually gives. For example my screen use pin 18 and 22 for DC and reset, so they map to 68 and 230 for Win Plus (but now I get SPI timing out, at least the pins do "mount" now, when I was trying BCM values for the Lite it's running on - 71 and 2 - I got an error on pins). (These pinouts used in /etc/modprobe.d/fbtft.conf). Sorry for bit confused reply, hope it helps. -- Edit: I was following the same guide you sent also (and all others I could find, plus the older ones I used before) so I guess you took the same steps - After raising max frequency - /boot/armbianEnv.txt -> param_spidev_max_freq=16000000 - (I dont think I changed anything else at least) I got rid of errors from dmesg but the screen is still blank (white) on Win. Edit2: Tried on another sd card (strectch, earlier was on a bionic build), now I again get the same error, SPI timing out and max_freq didnt help this time. Checking what other settings I could have messed with but I'm pretty sure only other thing I changed was the framebuffer used from 8 to 0 or back. Edit3 (and last): I tried the bionic card again, error was back so I dont know why it disappeared. Still no progress beyond this point, if I figure something out I'll update or reply again.
  2. First, you are using a 3.5 inch display, and I can't see the pinout on it from your link but I assume it's similar or excact same as the ones I bought ( ) - You need reset:2;dc:71 instead of 3 and 0 in that case. Also if you are using a newer image, something have changed since that guide. I had some troubles getting mine working also. This guide worked on my newer images. Very similar to the old procedure but few changes, I spent a few days fumbling around untill I realized name had to be "piscreen". But worked out of the box. I only tested on OPI Lites though, but if it's a H3 zero it should work the same I guess... Haven't used mine in a while, or a lot for that matter. Anyway I used your linked guide also to get 3.2 inch screens working a while back but since I got 3.5's I haven't used it. The guide worked for them on lite also, and afaik pinouts is the same on H2+ also.
  3. Just a quick question for you... Are you sure you downloaded the correct image (for OPI One)? When I got my first one it took me a couple of days untill I realized I had downloaded for a completely wrong board.. Bought a new power supply and borrowed my schools variable one and tried before I found out xD As was said 4gb might be too small/(slow/old) (but if it's rated at 16gb after I use etcher also uses about 2-4gb, don't remember atm, when booted up the rest is available)... I use 8gb-16gb cards on my OPI's ranging from C8 to U1 with C8,C10's being cheap ones from BG/Ali... I had one card that was defect, supposedly 32gb but only showed 7.4 on my computer, I tried to use it for armbian on a OPILite but no leds came on. It IS possible you have some small defect on the card I guess? If you are sure you have the correct image, try another SD card I would say.
  4. Or buy the cheap "hat", also breaks out other stuff for you, then you can use a jack-plug-to-AV which they also sell cheap.. I hacked an old cable to connect ground and pin nine (on 13-pin header, pin 1 is close to usb.. 2 is ground - Pinout picture ) as above said (also 7&8 +grounds to audio although current screen doesnt support it..)...
  5. You need to add bgr=1 to your setup line I guess. Switches the signal to colors. Edit: I need to read better, didn't see you had tried bgr etc... Sorry.
  6. Add -pthread after -lwiringPi I think worked for me when I tried making a c program with wiringOP, something like that... In other words you need to specify the pthread library to the compiler also - if I remember right