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  1. @tkaiser I'm looking for advice, I'm looking to use a single board computer of some sorts, to run a lightweight linux distro as a watered-down PC. Standard things like Webbrowsing, Netflix (Youtube, etc...), LibreOffice, etc.. can run on. Additionally I've seen some interesting videos of people running Python and I don't really understand the limitations of these boards. Are one of these boards equivalent to a circa 2000 PC? circa 2005? circa 1990s? Ideally I'd like to run a small standalone PC for day to day tasks and maybe some basic python or other coding environments. There's TON's of info online..which I've tried to go through myself, but again there TONs of info online. Would you have time to let me ask you a few questions, or help point me to threads for exactly what I'm looking for? Basically I want some sort of comparison and advice on what boards I should be using and WHY...your review on the banana pi M3 was awesome and I'm looking for information in that kind of detail except more on the OS side of it rather than the core functionality (i.e. read and write speed, clocking, etc..) I know while core functionality is where I need to start, I know efficient SW can make the most out of poor hardware and rather than reinvent the wheel by buying a bunch and testing them, I figure expect like you and another in the community might be able to help. I can't send private messages, but it being in a format of a forum doesn't bother me at all either
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